Metis Corporate Training Webinar:

The Power of Spreadsheets for Achieving a Data Driven Culture

On demand Webinar

Join Metis Corporate Training as we explain how simple tools found in spreadsheet applications can help employees get comfortable with data and empower them to perform their own analysis. We’ll also perform live demonstrations of common data analysis using spreadsheets. Invite your entire team to begin the conversation about how spreadsheets can support better business decisions. 

Business leaders, data and analytics managers, and decision makers will learn how the use of spreadsheets can help their teams:

  • Explore and work with data independently
  • Accelerate true data fluency and data-driven decision making
  • Perform basic business intelligence and data analysis
  • Free resources for more advanced data science capabilities 


Kevin Birnbaum

Senior Data Scientist, Metis

Kevin conducts data and analytics trainings for Metis Corporate Training clients.