Metis Corporate Training Series:

Intro to Python

In a time where many have had to transition to remote work, Metis Corporate Training would like to help you and your team learn together while you're apart. 

Join us every Tuesday in April at 12pm ET for Intro to Python, a free, live online training series created for business professionals. Classes are taught live via Zoom (in plain English), where participants can ask questions in real time and engage with others in the class. You'll also get a preview of what the live online training experience is like for our corporate clients.

Absolute beginners welcome - no prerequisites required!

Training Series Schedule:

  • April 7 at 12-1pm ET: Introduction to Variables and Basic Data Types
  • April 14 at 12-1pm ET: Conditional Logic in Python
  • April 21 at 12-1pm ET: Lists and for loops in Python
  • April 28 at 12-1pm ET: Introduction to Functions in Python

Make it a team-building initiative! This is your chance to give your team a strong foundation in Python by learning with Metis, a leader in data science and analytics training. 


Kevin Birnbaum

Senior Data Scientist, Metis