Webinar Recording:

Deep Learning Approaches to Forecasting and Planning

On demand Webinar

During this webinar with Q&A, Metis Senior Data Scientist Javed Ahmed explores how Deep Learning can be used in forecasting and planning in a way that both technical and non-technical managers can understand. Focusing on the intuition behind various approaches, we will cover how managers can tackle highly complex models by asking the right questions and using familiar model evaluation tools. We will also discuss examples, explore some of the methodologies available, and address effective implementation. 

Business leaders, data science managers, and decision makers will leave equipped with the tools to:

  • Identify types of forecasting applications that can benefit from deep learning  
  • Broadly understand deep learning approaches relevant to forecasting  
  • Understand pitfalls related to deep learning approaches, and why simpler models may work better
  • Evaluate the results of a forecasting program


Javed Ahmed

Senior Data Scientist, Metis Corporate Training

Javed conducts in person and Live Online trainings for Metis Corporate Training clients.