Building a Data Science Project Portfolio | Webinar:

Building an Effective Data Science Project Portfolio for Your Business

On demand Webinar

Each day, AI and data science become less of a competitive advantage for businesses and more of a requirement for survival. Although businesses are increasing investment in AI, many face challenges with adoption. What makes some companies reap the benefits of AI while others struggle to see return on investment? The difference is strategy.

This workshop is designed for business leaders, data science managers, and decision makers who want to ensure the effectiveness of the AI and data science capabilities they are building. Viewers will leave equipped with the tools to:

  • Critically evaluate and select pitched projects
  • Build an impactful and high yield project portfolio
  • Evolve a roadmap to quickly adapt to new opportunities


Kerstin Frailey

Senior Data Scientist, Metis

Kerstin has data science experience in all three sectors: for-profit, non-profit, and government. She holds graduate degrees in statistics, mathematical statistics, and mathematical computer science.