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We provide outstanding data science training programs to help individuals and businesses gain in-demand skills. Meet the talented people who make this possible.

Roberto Reif

Executive Director of Data Science

Roberto is a scientist with a strong background in data analysis and image/signal processing.

Roberto comes to Metis from Sensoria Inc., where he led the signal processing team. He has worked in applications in the healthcare, internet of things, and business intelligence markets. He received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, and has co-authored several scientific publications, book chapters, and patents. He enjoys hiking and soccer.

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Kimberly Fessel

Director of Data Science
New York City

Kimberly uses her background in applied math to discover data's what, why, and how.

Kimberly joins Metis from MRM//McCann, a leading digital advertising agency, where she focused on helping clients understand their customers by leveraging unstructured data with modern NLP techniques.  She is passionate about data storytelling and the power of compelling data visualizations to challenge pre-conceived assumptions.  Kimberly's enthusiasm for teaching comes from her days as an academic.  She holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in math biology at the Ohio State University.  In her spare time, Kimberly likes to stay active and particularly enjoys swing dancing, rollerblading, and jogging with her dog.

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Leon Johnson

Data Scientist
San Francisco

Leon is a creative deep thinker who has made it his mission to bridge the gap between application and aesthetic in data science.

After serving six years in the Air Force as a data analyst and then ROTC instructor, Leon decided it was time to move on, and he began his data science career in New York City. He is a graduate of the Metis program, and holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics from Purdue University and Texas A&M University, respectively. He has volunteered as a machine learning research assistant at Rutgers University - Newark, and spent the last few years working in the burgeoning tech space in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he built sales estimation models and unsupervised optimization algorithms for small companies. As a data scientist, he is passionate about designing interactive visualizations to demystify esoteric concepts and communicate hidden insights. Leon is an avid musician and active composer who loves to write music and do philosophy.

Rita Biagioli

Data Scientist

Rita loves diving into difficult analytical problems and seeks to uncover insights about the world, making conceptual and practical sense of ambiguity.

Rita holds a PhD and master's in cultural psychology and psychological anthropology and a master’s in history of religions, both from UChicago, and a BA in psychology from Northwestern. In 10+ years as a researcher, analyst, and teacher of research skills, she's taught subjects ranging from writing to power in organizations to data analytics. She has worked in market research strategy consulting and in consultative research and design positions in UChicago’s Provost’s Office and Booth School of Business. A Metis bootcamp grad, Rita is always looking for the best method to solve a problem, which is what brought her to data science. She's particularly excited about NLP, data visualization and storytelling, and statistics, but given enough time, she finds pretty much everything interesting. When she isn't wrangling data, she is probably making art, baking, traveling, or reading philosophy.

Brian Spiering

Data Scientist

Brian is a passionate data science educator who blends best practices from academia and industry to deliver cutting-edge curriculum.

Brian has been a professional coder for 20+ years and has been an instructor of computer science, software engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) for 6+ years. He has taught in a wide variety of settings, including bootcamps and traditional academic programs. His teaching style is rooted in his psychology and neuroscience background. When Brian is not teaching, he gives back to the tech community through volunteering and mentoring.

Amy Ramnath

Director of Admissions

Amy is dedicated to creating meaningful relationships with students as they navigate through the Admissions process and beyond.

With over eight years in higher education, Amy is passionate about developing an engaging and effective Admissions process, while using data to gain insights and drive decision-making. She is lauded for her ability to work cross-functionally and her focus on customer service. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring New York City and spending time with her two dogs.

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Nathan Vermeiren

Admissions Advisor

Nathan is passionate about the student experience and new trends in continuing education.

Nathan builds relationships and nurtures them while helping students along in the Admissions process. Nathan started with Metis helping build their data science community in Chicago, where he lives. He helped build on Metis’ already established nationwide tech network and is now working to engage an effective Admissions process. He previously built bilingual English/Spanish communities for over five years at a language events for a start-up company in both Argentina and Spain. Nathan is a Louisiana State University graduate whose passion is traveling the world.

Jennifer Raimone

Director of Career and Student Support

Jennifer enjoys creating individualized career plans designed to breakdown the job search process and distinguish you from your competition.

Jennifer comes to Metis with close to 8 years of experience in career development. Her tenure at TheLadders included managing a team of sourcers dedicated to connecting talent with employers. With a double certification in Career Coaching and Resume Writing coupled with a keen sense of the recruitment process, Jennifer is eager to share her experience and knowledge on how to successful gain employment. Jennifer has her BA in English and Language Arts. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and dancing with her husband and new baby boy.

Jaclyn Hanley

Marketing Manager

Jaclyn is passionate about marketing and communications and enjoys developing creative campaigns to build brand awareness. 

She comes to Metis with over 10 years of experience in the education and technology sectors where she's generated digital, PR, and print campaigns. She holds an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and a BA in Communications from The Ohio State University. During her free time she enjoys hiking, cooking and spending time with her husband and three young children.

Pradeep Narava

Lead Engineer

Pradeep believes technology can make your life happy with less coding skills and rapid fast development.

For almost 14 years, Pradeep has worked in Information Technology, including working with more than 500 startups on various projects across EdTech, E-Commerce, FinTech, Travel, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Video Streaming, Video Telephony, Marketing, APIs, Payment Gateways, Mobile Apps and more. He has founded three startups in the past and has a patent for inventing a Portable Electric Scooter, which launched in India. Pradeep holds a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Borås in Sweden. Beyond his many accomplishments, Pradeep believes a smile is the driving force to make people bring more energy and to know more about a person. He believes technology can make your life happy with less coding skills and rapid fast development. His passions include architecting and building applications from scratch, travel, food, nature, and mingling with open-minded people from different cultures.

Menachem Aber

Software Engineer

Hailing from Australia, Menachem (pronounced men·nah·khem) spent the last few years in the States studying and working in tech. You might not hear his Aussie accent, but he'll assure you it's still there. As a bootcamp graduate himself, he went on to do engineering for companies in the medical and not-for-profit fundraising sectors. He's an avid soccer fan, and loves playing piano, reading and travelling.

Susan Sun


Her expertise is in data-related training and education, conscientious application of data science for business, and data consulting for social change.

Susan Sun, a part-time Metis instructor, is a freelance data scientist. Susan works in a variety of fields, from academia to industry, corporate to nonprofit, including notable data leaders like New York Times, Google, CUNY, Columbia University, and DataKind. Susan holds a Masters in Statistics at Columbia University and a Bachelors in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School.

Kevin Chiv


Kevin is a data scientist with a background in physics and programming, currently working on full-stack data at Doximity.

Kevin has a formal background in physics and programming from UC Berkeley. For three years, he built data pipelines for interdisciplinary research labs on and off campus. He previously attended the Metis Data Science Bootcamp in San Francisco and then served as a teaching assistant for three cohorts. He currently works on full-stack data at Doximity while freelancing as a data science consultant.

Alison Cossette


Alison is a Director of Data Science in Research and Development at the NPD Group, a global Market Research firm.

At NPD, Alison leads Data Science projects focusing on classification, data imputation, customer segmentation.  She is also repsonsible for analyzing and integrating third party data sources that support modeling initiatives for NPD's omni-channel product, Checkout.  Alison previously was a Data Scientist in the Healthcare industry after transitioning from a 10 year career in clinical care of Oncology patients.    Throughout her medical and analytics experience, Alison has consistenly been an educator and mentor including teaching positions at The University of Vermont Medical Center, The Swedish Institute of Allied Health Sciences and Northeastern University.  Alison's Masters' studies in Data Science were completed through Northwestern University and is a proud Alum of Metis' Data Science Bootcamp.  She lives in Vermont with her husband, 2 young boys and an energetic Chocolate Lab named "Gracie".  

Timothy Dooley


Tim is a Data Scientist at Gartner where he specializes in building language models to provide clients with mission critical insights.

Previously he worked in academia and teaching. He holds a PhD from King’s College London and is a proud Metis Grad and former TA. He lives in Jersey City, NJ with his wife and daughter. 

Joe Eddy


Joe is a data science generalist who loves tackling complex and unusual problems and has a passion for effectively communicating quantitative ideas.

Joe has held a variety of data science and analytics roles across industries such as healthcare, finance, and blockchain technology -- most recently as a lead data scientist at a blockchain analytics startup. Before that, he was a full-time instructor at Metis for 3+ years and is also a Metis alumnus. He is especially drawn to complex machine learning problems and has spent more time than he'd care to admit on Kaggle competitions, reaching competition master status. In his free time he enjoys playing piano, reading, and bouldering. 

Sergey Fogelson


Sergey Fogelson is the Vice President of Analytics and Measurement Sciences at Viacom.

Sergey began his career as an academic at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he researched the neural bases of visual category learning and obtained his Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience. After leaving academia, Sergey got into the rapidly growing startup scene in the NYC metro area, where he has worked as a data scientist in alternative energy analytics, digital advertising, cybersecurity, finance, and media. He is heavily involved in the NYC-area teaching community and has taught courses at various bootcamps, and has been a volunteer teacher in computer science through TEALSK12. When Sergey is not working or teaching, he is probably hiking. (He thru-hiked the Appalachian trail before graduate school).

Heather Hardway


Heather is a Data Scientist at iHeartMedia.

Heather started her career studying mathematics, specializing in modeling applications to biological systems. After receiving a PhD and leaving academia, she transitioned to data science, working in a variety of industries, including finance, consulting, retail, and government. Getting back to her roots, she enjoys combining her love teaching mathematics with her experience of applying data science to real-world problems.

Anastassia Kornilova


Anastassia is currently a Research Scientist at FiscalNote.

As a research scientist, Anastassia uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to create insights from legislative and regulatory data. Over her four and a half year tenure, Anastassia has run a number of projects ranging from forecasting if legislation will pass to identifying key words and topics in text. In addition to building platform features, Anastassia has authored several papers for top-tier Natural Language Processing. Previously, she received a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. She loves to spend her free time outside, hiking, climbing and skiing.

Julia Lintern


Julia, a Metis data science instructor, loves using data to study and explore phenomena.

Julia is a Data Scientist at The New York Times after having spent the previous 3+ years as a Metis Data Science Bootcamp instructor. She combines her love of mathematical modeling and theory with her data science skill-set. She developed this breadth of knowledge teaching both theoretical math as well as practical engineering and has a unique ability to combine disparate techniques in order to develop creative solutions to business problems. Curious, autonomous, hardworking, outgoing, and balanced, Julia also studies improv and dance in her free time.

Samiyeh Mahmoudian


Samiyeh (Sami) is currently a Senior Data Scientist with Intertrust, where she works on industry-leading machine learning algorithms in IOT to optimize the operation of the “vertical industry,” such as energy and insurance.

With her teaching experience and knowledge, Sami is leading the Data Science internship program for Interturst. Sami has a doctorate in Theoretical Physics from Florida State University and the National Hight Magnetic Field Laboratory. During her PhD, she worked on advanced statistical analysis to understand the nature of disordered systems—such as glasses. Prior to joining Intertrust, she was an adjunct lecturer at San Francisco State University. Teaching is her passion and she enjoys sharing her experiences with anyone willing to learn.

Don Perkus


Don is a Senior Data Scientist at Insulet, a medical device company.

Don started out as a Software Developer and Manager.  Then after working as a Program Manager for several years at MathWorks, he decided to move his career back in a more technical direction. He attended Metis' Data Science Bootcamp in fall of 2015 and has been working as a Data Scientist since then.  Don also enjoys teaching and mentoring.  He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Boston University, and an MBA from Northeastern University.

David Salorio


Dave is an Operations Research Analyst at Planalytics, where he focuses on modeling consumer behavior for supply chain optimization.

He studied Economics and English Literature at Swarthmore College before starting his career in quantitative finance. While working in analytics in the transit sector he jumped into machine learning with both feet and attended the Metis bootcamp in Chicago. Shortly he transitioned into Data Science full time, and now works on researching and building consumer demand models. Dave lives in Philadelphia and is always ready to extol Philly’s charms.

Dimitri Theoharatos


Currently, Dimitri applies advanced statistical and machine learning modeling techniques at Scribd, a subscription service for ebooks and audiobooks.

Dimitri received both a BS and MS in electrical engineering with an emphasis in signal processing from Arizona State University.  While integrating deep learning algorithms and analyzing their performance at Intel in Phoenix for 3 years, he decided to make the jump into data science and attended the Metis Data Science Bootcamp in San Francisco before joining Scribd. In his free time, Dimitri enjoys tennis, guitar, reading, taking courses, and sharing his knowledge with others.

Lisa VanderVoort


Lisa is currently an Associate Data Scientist at US Foods. 

At US Foods, Lisa works on the forecasting team, helping to engineer and develop time series analyses to support internal business partners.  Prior to her work as a data scientist, Lisa was a high performing and award winning math teacher and administrator in Chicago. Lisa is passionate about making complex things easy to understand.  She has a BS in Mathematics and Psychology from St. Lawrence University, and a MAT in Secondary Mathematics Education from National Louis University.  She is a proud alumnus of the Metis Chicago Bootcamp. In her free time, Lisa enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with her husband and cat.

Joan Wang


Joan is a data scientist who specializes in the intersection of data, policy, and society.

Joan comes to Metis from Omelas, where she built machine learning models and data pipelines that map the online information environment around geopolitical actors. She used data analytics to explore challenging policy questions about digital technologies at the Urban Institute and EducationSuperHighway. Prior to her transition into data science, Joan worked with PwC Forensics Advisory to serve technology firms in the Bay Area. Joan received her M.S. in Computational Analysis and Public Policy from the University of Chicago and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, with B.A.’s in Economics and Operations Research & Management Science.

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Adam Wearne


Adam is passionate about teaching and is excited to share his industry experiences with students.

With a background in physics and quantitative finance, Adam has applied data science and machine learning solutions in a wide variety of research settings ranging from recognizing and clustering behavioral patterns to applying natural language processing techniques to help build superior equity portfolios. Previously a Senior Data Scientist at Metis, he is now a Data Scientist at Scribd.

Neer Asherie

Neer Asherie is a part-time instructor at Metis. Neer has worked with numerous Metis clients, including teaching data science and machine learning to members of a global consulting agency; and delivering data science and analysis skills training to a boutique consulting firm. He is a professor of physics at Yeshiva University where his research focuses on experimental and computational biophysics. Neer holds a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences (Physical) from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mark Fenner

Mark Fenner is a part-time instructor at Metis. Mark has delivered training to top-tier financial companies and boutique consultancies.  He has developed curriculum in deep learning and computer vision for Fortune 50 clients. Mark earned his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh while specializing in artificial intelligence.  He also has a graduate degree in mathematics. Mark has been teaching these subjects to varied academic and corporate audiences for 20 years. Mark works across the data science spectrum from C, Fortran, and Python implementation to statistical analysis and visualization. Over the past few years, he has focused on training and curriculum development for the Python data science community.  Most recently, Mark completed a forthcoming Pearson title introducing machine learning to non-specialists.

Brian Lucena

Brian Lucena, a part-time Metis instructor, is Principal at Lucena Consulting and a consulting Data Scientist at Agentero. An applied mathematician, he is passionate about applying modern machine learning techniques to understand the world and act upon it. In previous roles he has served as SVP of Analytics at PCCI, Principal Data Scientist at Clover Health, and Chief Mathematician at Guardian Analytics. He has taught at numerous institutions including UC Berkeley, Brown, USF, and the Metis Data Science Bootcamp.

Alex Nathan

Alex is co-founder of Aventrix Analytics and an expert in big data analytics and data science. Prior to Aventrix, he received his PhD in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University, where he studied applied and methodological aspects of large-scale machine learning with an emphasis in social networks and marketing. Throughout his academic career he collaborated with large companies, including Viacom, Baxter International, and CME. He also taught numerous courses in analytics. He holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

Connell Boyle

Sales Director of National Accounts
Connell has 14 years of account development and account management experience at Kaplan that includes K12, corporate and higher education. Starting at Kaplan in 2004, Connell was responsible for creating relationships with human resources managers in charge of development for large groups of employees. This resulted in establishment of on-site Kaplan classroom programs for GMAT and LSAT prep delivered at investment banks, consultancies, technology and law firms across Manhattan.

Connell has also spent time on Kaplan's pre-college team developing relationships in the New York City Department of Education and with school districts around the country to expand access for high school students providing Kaplan Test Prep for SAT and ACT exams.