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Start your data science career in Seattle.

It's an exciting time to transition into a data science career in Seattle. Local employer demand for data science workers exceeds local supply by nearly 17,000, according to LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Report for Seattle. At Metis, we know from experience that every data science job market is different - that's why we ensure our local Seattle team has deep roots in the data science industry. We also believe career coaching is a must when it comes to data science, and we’re the only bootcamp in Seattle that provides it full-time and on campus. Check out an article from our Seattle Career Advisor, Marybeth Redmond, about how to land a data science job in Seattle.

Meet our Seattle team.

Roberto Reif

Executive Director of Data Science

Roberto is a scientist with a strong background in data analysis and image/signal processing.

Roberto comes to Metis from Sensoria Inc., where he led the signal processing team. He has worked in applications in the healthcare, internet of things, and business intelligence markets. He received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, and has co-authored several scientific publications, book chapters, and patents. He enjoys hiking and soccer.

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Chad Scherrer

Senior Data Scientist

Chad enjoys that data science gives practical approximations to the complex uncertainties of reality.

Chad comes to Metis from a diverse technical background. After earning his mathematics PhD from Indiana University, Chad joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to work on statistical and computational challenges ranging from homeland security to high-performance computing and machine learning research. Following several of his publications at top-tier ML conferences, he turned to probabilistic programming, then still in its infancy. He has used these systems for consulting projects for industrial clients, and has led development and publication of several new ones along the way. In his spare time, Chad enjoys a wide range of music, and practices martial arts, where he has black belts in several styles.

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Cliff Clive

Senior Data Scientist
Cliff is fascinated by the human component of data science and views every problem as an opportunity to explore the biases and behavior that cause data to not always to be what it seems.
Cliff has worked on user segmentation analysis for Microsoft Office, trained language understanding models for Cortana, forecasted demand at Amazon Fresh, and spent four years as a quantitative strategist in Chicago's hedge fund industry. Prior to that he obtained master's degrees in Statistics and Economics from the University of Chicago. More recently, Cliff has taken an interest in data democratization and specifically in finding viable applications for small businesses. Cliff is also a dancer and DJ of Brazilian Zouk, and spends much of his free time studying electronic music production.

Marybeth Redmond

Career Advisor

Marybeth joins Metis with a rich background in technical recruiting with over 10 years specifically in the Seattle area. Most recently, she served as a Career Coach for Lee Hecht Harrison working with companies, including Microsoft and Verizon, to help their former employees transition into new roles and navigate the job search process. Marybeth has worked to place job seekers in companies such as Amazon, Expedia, and other local businesses. For fun, she enjoys acting, playing her new Martin guitar and performing Improv Comedy on Bainbridge Island where she lives.

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