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Jerod rubalcava

Jerod Rubalcava

Executive Director, Professional Development Courses / Program Manager

Jerod endeavors to constantly challenge and iterate upon educational content and delivery, while creating an empathetic, inclusive, and influential learning environment.

Jerod comes to Metis with 10 years experience in education and professional coaching. He most recently worked in the software engineering bootcamp space, including with Dev Bootcamp and Hack Reactor, on development and growth, operational effectiveness, systems/process optimization, and cross-functional leadership, with an emphasis on organizational health. He held multiple positions including VP of Operations managing a team of 50+ across the country, and Managing Director overseeing local campuses in Seattle, San Francisco, and Austin. Prior to this work, he was a Professor at Guangxi University in China teaching Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Globalization & Cultural Psychology. He enjoys running marathons, triathlons, krav maga, jiu-jitsu, and leadership development and research.

Roberto reif

Roberto Reif

Senior Data Scientist

Roberto is a scientist with a strong background in data analysis and image/signal processing.

Roberto comes to Metis from Sensoria Inc., where he led the signal processing team. He has worked in applications in the healthcare, internet of things, and business intelligence markets. He received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, and has co-authored several scientific publications, book chapters, and patents. He enjoys hiking and soccer.

Check out content by and/or featuring Roberto:

Talk: Visualization: Simplified

Article: Displaying Images in Tableau (with some help from Python)

Chad scherrer

Chad Scherrer

Senior Data Scientist

Chad enjoys that data science gives practical approximations to the complex uncertainties of reality.

Chad comes to Metis from a diverse technical background. After earning his mathematics PhD from Indiana University, Chad joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to work on statistical and computational challenges ranging from homeland security to high-performance computing and machine learning research. Following several of his publications at top-tier ML conferences, he turned to probabilistic programming, then still in its infancy. He has used these systems for consulting projects for industrial clients, and has led development and publication of several new ones along the way. In his spare time, Chad enjoys a wide range of music, and practices martial arts, where he has black belts in several styles.

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Article: Bayesian Optimal Pricing

Brendan herger

Brendan Herger

Senior Data Scientist

Brendan Herger enjoys bridging the gap between data science and engineering, to build and deploy data products.

Brendan brings a unique combination of machine learning, deep learning, and software engineering skills. In his previous work at Capital One and startups,  he has built authorization fraud, insider threat, and legal discovery automation platforms. In each of these cases he's lead a team of data scientists and data engineers to enable and elevate his client's business workflow (and capture some amazing data).

When he's not knee deep in a code base, Brendan can be found traveling, sharing his collection of Japanese teas, and playing board games with his partner in Seattle. 

Check out content by Brendan:

Package: keras-pandas, a python package that allows users to rapidly build and iterate on deep learning models.

Blog post: Starwars Spoilers, a look at whether Reddit posts contain spoilers, using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

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