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San Francisco Data Science Bootcamp

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Start your data science career in San Francisco.

San Francisco ranks among the cities with the highest demand for data science talent. We've watched the data science field grow exponentially as more and more corporations now need data teams to help make sense of all the information being gathered about their consumers and clients. This is especially true in a city like San Francisco that lives and breathes innovation and disruption. At Metis, we know from experience that every data science job market is different - that's why we ensure our local San Francisco team has deep roots in the data science industry. Career support is also a cornerstone of our rigorous program, and we’re the only bootcamp in San Francisco that provides it full-time and on campus. We're also proud to accept international students at the SF campus. Read here to find out what makes our SF data science community special.

Meet our San Francisco team.

Trevor Drummond

Data Scientist

Trevor is a life-long teacher who stresses the importance of model interpretability as it pertains to business practices.

Trevor has taught the Metis Bootcamp with our Corporate Training team at the AI Institute of Advanced Studies in Riyadh, KSA. He has a BA in Mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematics at New York University. Before Metis, Trevor was at IAA Capital Management, where he incrementally introduced Machine Learning techniques to the analysis of financial markets. At every step of implementation, he built a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the added value. The biggest takeaway from his experience would be the ability to account for unknown-unknowns; an invaluable but often unaccounted for skill that prepares predictive models for what we haven’t before experienced. In his spare time, he is an avid reader and strong believer in the (added) effects of physical exercise and mindfulness on “life performance”.

Omar Singleton

Data Scientist

Omar is a data scientist and neuroscientist with a passion for understanding complex data and how it relates to the real world.

Omar completed his MS in Health Disparities in Neuroscience-related disorders at Wake Forest University, where he researched cognitive functioning, brain connectivity, and brain structure in psychiatric and neurological conditions. Previously, he researched meditation and neuroplasticity at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Richard Chiou

Data Scientist

As a former teacher assistant for several courses at Columbia, Richard is excited to share his knowledge of data science, academic and industrial, with aspiring data scientists of all backgrounds.

Richard Chiou holds a BA in Computer Science and Economics-Mathematics from Columbia University and a Master of Engineering degree in Data Science and Systems from UC Berkeley. He joins Metis from Signifyd, where he worked on machine learning models for online e-commerce fraud prevention. In his spare time, he is a board game enthusiast, a frequent escape room artist, and an intrepid traveler who seeks to uncover the mysteries and pleasant surprises hidden in life.

Josh Shaman

Senior Admissions Manager

Josh is a career education professional who is passionate about creating meaningful relationships with students and helping them take the next best step in their education and career.

Josh started his career in education by spending nearly 4 years in South Korea as a teacher. After returning from South Korea, Josh launched an online school teaching ESL to business professionals around the world. He also earned his M.Ed. from the University of Cincinnati. After those undertakings, Josh worked at Hack Reactor as an admissions and program manager. He joined Metis at the beginning of 2017 and has been developing innovative programs which help students prepare to apply and creating sincere relationships with students to help them take their skills to the next level.

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Andrew Savage

Senior Career Advisor and Head of Employer Partnerships

Andrew is passionate about connecting people to their dream job.

Andrew is passionate about helping students see what's possible for themselves, by providing them with personalized career support that helps them achieve their specific goals. A lifelong Bay Area resident, Andrew graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Political Science. Andrew combines his experience as a Career Coach with previous roles where he helped tech companies expand their business and hire employees who best fit their needs. As the Career Advisor in San Francisco, Andrew helps students prepare for the workforce by helping them identify what they really want out of a career, developing a workable plan, and providing support at every step along the way. Outside of work Andrew enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with his pug.

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Stephany Bittar

Program Manager

Stephany is a numbers girl with a passion for statistics, social entrepreneurship, and education.

Stephany is an action oriented behavioral economist with a passion for education. She comes to Metis from Florida State, where she earned her degree in Economics with concentrations in Psychology and Math. Her college experience included a run as the youngest Student Body President at a Florida State campus, and she's excited to use her energy and experiences to shape the student experience. Out of the office, you can count on Stephany for a trip to the local bookstore, music venue, or brunch.

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