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Meet your New York City team.

Leah Nicolai

Director of Program Operations

As Director of Program Operations, Leah manages the daily operations of Metis' NY location and oversees location teams in SF, Chicago and Seattle. For the NY bootcamps, her job revolves around the student experience and doing her darnedest to ensure you a smooth, fun and exciting 12 weeks!

Jennifer Raimone

Senior Career Advisor

Jennifer comes to Metis with close to 8 years of experience in career development. With a double certification in Career Coaching and Resume Writing coupled with a keen sense of the recruitment process, Jennifer is eager to share her experience and knowledge on how to successfully gain employment. Jennifer has her BA in English and Language Arts.

Julia Lintern

Senior Data Scientist
  • Formerly worked at JetBlue as a quantitative engineer; while there, she used quantitative analysis and machine learning methods to provide continuous assessment of the aircraft fleet
  • Began her career as a structures engineer, where she designed repairs for damaged aircraft
  • In 2011, transferred into a quantitative role at JetBlue and began her M.A. in Applied Math at Hunter College, where she focused on visualizations of various numerical methods including collocation and finite element methods
  • Discovered a deep appreciation for the combination of mathematics and visualizations and found data science to be a natural extension
  • During certain seasons of her career, she has also worked on creative side projects such as Lia Lintern, her own fashion label

Vinny Senguttuvan

Senior Data Scientist
  • Comes to Metis after leading a team of Data Scientists at High 5 Games
  • Prior, taught Machine Learning at General Assembly and built tools for Animators and Effects Artists at Blue Sky Studios (the company that made Ice Age, Rio and The Peanuts Movie)
  • Earned a Masters in Computational Engineering and another in Creative Writing
  • Over the past three years, Vinny has been knee-deep in large distributed data – aggregating, building recommendation systems, measuring popularity and predicting Lifetime Value;
  • Has won various programming contests including the Regional ACM Collegiate Programming Contest
  • Has taught at the University of Miami and has given talks and presentations at various colleges and conferences

Michelle Gill

Senior Data Scientist
  • Comes to Metis from the National Cancer Institute, where she developed computational methods that dramatically increased experimental throughput
  • Has been consultant for The Boston Consulting Group, where she advised pharmaceutical and financial services clients on strategic growth and organizational streamlining
  • Earned Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry from Yale University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University, where she elucidated mechanisms of the cancer pathway
  • Has trained both students and colleagues in classroom and informal settings in data analysis, Python, and scientific methods

Krishna Bala

Senior Data Scientist
  • Comes to Metis from the advertising world having worked in a series of startups enabling online and television advertising.
  • Formerly Chief Scientist at Simulmedia, where he led a team of data scientists that used big data to improve targeting, measurement and advance the state of programmatic buying in television advertising
  • Earned a Masters in Physics and another in Computer Science and is excited about bringing his startup, data science and big data experiences to the classroom

Reshama Shaikh

Data Scientist - TA

Reshama has over 10 years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry as a biostatistician. Reshama has her BA and MS in statistics (Rutgers University). She is also a francophile (Minor in French, Rutgers). She completed her MBA from NYU Stern in 2014 with a focus on business analytics and technology.

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