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1033 West Van Buren, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60607

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Meet your Chicago team.

Nathan Vermeiren

Program Manager

As Program Manager in Chicago, Nathan conducts the Metis 'L' train so to speak — overseeing the student experience from start to finish. He's here to ensure that each student has a smooth ride, dances but not too close to the edge of the platform and graduates safely.

Ashley Purdy

Career Advisor

Ashley has 5+ years of experience working in employment services in the tech industry. She assists Metis students and graduates with career support and manages relationships with the network of employer partners in Chicago.

David Ziganto

Senior Data Scientist
  • Comes to Metis from HAVI, a world-renowned supply chain and logistics company
  • Developed the machine learning back-end for HAVI’s SaaS product and provided training in Python, algorithms, and Apache Spark
  • Prior, worked at a research lab for the Department of Defense, where he led multiple facets of a big data cybersecurity project
  • Earned Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston University, having specialized in optimization methods

Jonathan Balaban

Senior Data Scientist
  • Consultant, data scientist, and entrepreneur with ten years of private, public, and philanthropic experience
  • As a data scientist, worked at McKinsey and Booz Allen Hamilton, and has taught data science at General Assembly
  • Has led teams to design bespoke data science solutions that have driven revolutionary changes in client operations

Seth Weidman

Senior Data Scientist
  • Comes to Metis from Trunk Club, where he built lead scoring models and contributed to recommender systems
  • Transitioned into Data Science from management consulting by taking courses on Coursera and Udacity
  • His own educational experiences made him passionate about alternative education such as MOOCs and bootcamps, which led him first to teach data science part-time for General Assembly and Metis
  • Has Mathematics and Economics degrees from The University of Chicago

Zach Miller

Senior Data Scientist
  • Spent last eight years collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data from particle accelerators all over the United States, putting to use his Ph.D. in nuclear physics
  • Helped pioneer statistical analysis, simulation, and data collection techniques to make measurements from hundreds of terabytes of physics data
  • Worked with Los Alamos National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, the University of Kentucky Accelerator Lab, and the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • His passion is combining technical and programming skills with the educational chops he developed as a professor in order to create an intuitive, hands-on learning experiences
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