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Introduction to Data ScienceLive Online

In this course, students learn how data science is done in the wild, with a focus on data acquisition, cleaning, and aggregation, exploratory data analysis and visualization, feature engineering, and model creation and validation. Students use the Python scientific stack to work through real-world examples that illustrate these concepts. Concurrently, students learn some of the statistical and mathematical foundations that power the data-scientific approach to problem solving.

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Live online tn Course designed by Sergey Fogelson, VP of Analytics and Measurement Sciences, Viacom

Your instructor

Trent hauck

Trent Hauck is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Zymergen, where he builds data products that help biologists and other scientists improve their decision outcomes. Prior to his that role he spent 18 months consulting in the insurance and e-commerce industries, and prior to that worked at Zulily on the relevancy team building recommendation tools for the e-commerce site and conducting operational analysis. He is also the author of two books through Packt Publishing: Instant Data Intensive Apps with pandas How-to, and Scikit-Learn Cookbook.

Your Teaching Assistant

Ramesh sampath

Ramesh is the lead Machine Learning Engineer at Lily, a fashion startup based in Palo Alto. Ramesh loves building data products and deploys them as API services. He mostly uses Pandas / Scikit-learn / TensorFlow and PyTorch for build these machine learning models. He has co-authored ML-Insights, a python package to introspect ML models that was released at MLConf SF 2016. He has given several talks and tutorials on building and deploying ML models at PyData SF, ODSC West and several bay area meetups.

Why Live Online?

Taught by world-class, data science practitioners.

Instructor and IPython notebook visible so you can follow along.

Private attention and real-time support from top-notch co-instructors.

Recordings available — catch up if you need to miss a class.

Live Online is social! Interact with instructors and classmates via chat.

Accessible wherever you have Internet access.

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Our 1-hour on-demand sample class is a great way to preview what the new Live Online experience is like for the Metis Introduction to Data Science professional development course.

Trent Hauck, instructor of the Live Online Introduction to Data Science course, will cover a few sample topics in the on-demand class:

  1. Using the jupyter notebook
  2. Python primitive types
  3. Python lists


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