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Calling All International Students Interested in Studying Data Science!

As a student at Metis, the industry’s only accredited, full-time, immersive data science bootcamp, you’ll receive extensive in-person instruction from our team of Senior Data Scientists along with personalized career support.

At our New York City and San Francisco campuses, international students can attend on an M-1 visa – and those already in the U.S. completing study on an F-1 visa can transfer to Metis extending their studies in NYC or SF via an M-1.

Learn more about the M-1 visa process here.

What is Metis?

Learn data science over the course of 12 weeks as you receive extensive in-person instruction and personalized support from our team of Senior Data Scientists and Data Scientist TAs.

Incorporating traditional in-class instruction in theory and technique, within the context of realistic projects, students use real data to build a five-project portfolio to present to potential employers. Upon graduating, students will have completed rigorous training in machine learning, programming in multiple languages (Python, UNIX, JavaScript), data wrangling, project design, and communication of results for integration in a business environment.

Students also receive ongoing career support and access to networking opportunities during and after the bootcamp, so each graduates qualified to obtain a data science position.

Why Data Science?

The global demand for data science skills has been steadily growing and shows no sign of slowing down.

Learn more about our bootcamp, instructors, curriculum, and career support.