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ExploreData Science

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Through a series of exercises and lessons, embedded in a fun, engaging, and integrated environment, Explore Data Science provides structure and guidance for participants to get a real taste of data science at their own pace, fit into their own schedule.
With Explore Data Science, you get two months’ access for $99, during which time you’ll travel through a planetary-themed, mission-driven, 40-hour exploration filled with real datasets and interactive tasks. You’ll earn points, awards, and badges for completing missions along the way.


Participants learn how to use data science to achieve a variety of analytic goals, including next-generation predictive and advisory approaches. Throughout their journey, they’ll explore the following six different planetary modules:



Learn basic, commonly used data science tools and techniques.



Gain a deeper understanding of the data through aggregation, summarization, and visualization.



Find hidden relationships and patterns in the data.



Learn how to use past observations to make predictions about future or unknown events.



Define possible decisions and use genetic algorithms to find the decision that yields the best outcome.



Learn about distributed ecosystems used to analyze data sets requiring multiple machines.


Explore Data Science is for anyone with basic skills and proficiency in statistics, linear algebra, and programming.

However, In order to get full benefit from Explore Data Science, you’ll need some familiarity with Python programming (i.e. common data structures, control flow, importing modules, call functions, and digging into API documentation). You’ll also need a bit of familiarity with math concepts like basic linear algebra, calculus concepts like partial derivatives, and a bit of experience with statistics and probability.


Upon completing Explore Data Science, participants will have:

A working conceptual understanding of the field of data science
An understanding of using data science to achieve a variety of analytic goals, including predictive and advisory approaches
Experience with a wide variety of data science techniques, from Distance Metrics to Genetic Algorithms and lots more in between
Experience with the following techniques:

Distance Metrics
Dimensionality Reduction
Generic Algorithms


Is there an instructor for Explore Data Science?

There is no in-person instructor, as this is completed online at your own pace. However, a teaching assistant is available for content-related questions, and technical support for issues with the application. Both are reachable through online help.

Is this an on-site training course?

No, this is a series of online exercises and resources, and participants can complete Explore Data Science from any location during their 2-month access period.

How is this course different from the immersive Metis Data Science Bootcamp?

Explore Data Science follows many of the learning tenets that we follow in the bootcamp. Metis' approach with the bootcamp is to teach our students key concepts while reinforcing the learning with challenges and projects. The challenges and projects provide the practical connection for the lessons. Explore Data Science will take participants on a similar learning journey, albeit online and self-paced. Please see our bootcamp syllabus here.

Will this help me get into the Metis Data Science Bootcamp?

It will give participants a greater foundation in data science. This should benefit them if applying to the Metis Data Science Bootcamp, but it does not in any way guarantee a spot in the bootcamp.

Where can I find a detailed syllabus?

Please visit Explore Data Science for more details.

Do you offer placement services?

No. We only offer career support for our bootcamp.

Is there a certificate of completion?

Yes, those who complete Explore Data Science are presented with a certificate of completion. They'll also leave with a working conceptual understanding of the data science field and will have experience using a wide variety of data science techniques.