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One Hour at Bootcamp: Data Ethics

1-hour on-demand lecture by Rita Biagioli, Data Scientist

Ever wondered if all the work we do with data is doing more harm than good? This lecture on data ethics explores the potential ethical pitfalls of working with data.

In this “One Hour at Bootcamp” workshop, Rita Biagioli, Data Scientist at Metis, will walk students through how models can cause damage and how to prevent harm. By the end of her lecture, students will have a better sense of how to employ ethical data science in their practices and organizations.

Attendees of this workshop will be able to:

- Explain how a carefully balanced dataset can be used to train less biased models and to evaluate existing models.

- Answer questions about data science ethics with a rigorous approach

- Identify possible WMDs (Weapons of Math Destruction)

Prerequisites: None for this technical workshop.

Your Instructor

Rita Biagioli, Data Scientist, Metis