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Bootcamp Info Session

1-hour On-Demand Info Session Featuring Metis alumni Jimmy Gardner & Katie Huang

In this video, the Metis team walks you through what students learn during their time at Metis and how our project-based data science & analytics programs work. You’ll also hear from Metis Alumni, like Jimmy Gardner and Katie Huang, about how to prepare, what to expect, and what happens after you attend one of the Metis Data Science & Analytics Bootcamps.

About Jimmy:

Jimmy Gardner, Data Engineer at IWCO Direct

Prior to joining Metis, Jimmy worked for a residential and commercial lighting company. He did light installations ranging from Christmas lights to weddings and events. He studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona, completing the curriculum through his junior year before dropping out. His pursuit of a career change was motivated by his interest in coding and mathematics. He currently is a Data Engineer at IWCODirect where he develops ETL pipelines, machine learning models, and helps provide unique solutions for direct mail analytics problems.

About Katie:

Katie Huang, Data Scientist

Before Metis, Katie was a physics major. She saw the power of data and was eager to learn new tools to harness this power. With the experience and skills acquired during her time at Metis, she now works as a data scientist in a consulting company focusing on media & entertainment. She enjoys finding out what makes content connect with people and wishes to use those findings to bring more awareness and emotional fulfillment to the world.