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Demystifying Data Science Conference

Conference Talk Recordings2017

Getting a Data Science Job is Not About Stacking up Prerequisites and Hoping Somebody Picks You

Sebastian Gutierrez, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton

How I Became a Data Scientist Despite Having Been a Math Major

Tim Hopper, Data Scientist at Distil Networks

5 Steps to Launch Your Data Science Career (with Python)

Kevin Markham, Founder of Data School

Fixing the Hot Mess: What You’re Doing Wrong to Hire and Get Hired In Data

Vin Vashishta, Founder and Chief Data Scientist at V-Squared

Conversation with a Data Scientist

Carla Gentry, Data Scientist at Talent Analytics

The Practice of Data Science

Bob Hayes, President at Business Over Broadway

Harnessing the Power of Community to Excel Your Career in Data Science

Aylee Neilson, Analytics Community Manager at IBM

How to Learn Data Science

Chris Albon, Co-Host/Co-Founder at Partially Derivative

Statistics and the Art of Deception

Deborah Berebichez, Chief Data Scientist at Metis

Open the Black Box: How Things Work Matters

Brandon Rohrer, Data Scientist at Facebook

Go After Your Data Science Dreams

Ryan Swanstrom, Director of Data Science at Matisia Consultants

Becoming a Data Scientist

Renee Teate, Host at Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast

88 Lines About 44 Data Scientists

Joel Grus, Research Engineer at Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

How to Learn Deep Learning (When You’re Not a Computer Science PhD)

Rachel Thomas, Founder & Researcher at fast.ai

What Predictive Modeling Can and Cannot Do!

Claudia Perlich, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery

Preparing for the Data Science Interview

Megan Ayraud, Head of Careers at Metis

What Exactly Does a Data Scientist Do?

William Chen, Data Scientist at Quora

Is That a Reference I am Supposed to Get?

Mara Averick, Consultant at TCB Analytics

A/B Testing in the Wild

Emily Robinson, Data Analyst at Etsy

Does AI Dream of Electric Sheep?

Rumman Chowdhry, Senior Manager at Accenture Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing Cultural Bias in AI

Camille Eddy, Mechanical Engineering Student and Tech Advocate

Everyday Data Science

Alice Zhao, Senior Data Scientist at Metis

Accelerating Your Data Science Career with a Bootcamp: A Metis Alumni Panel

Alumni Panel, Moderated by Megan Ayraud

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