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  • Will Metis delay the start dates of its bootcamps or cancel in-person bootcamps due to COVID-19?

    Metis does not plan to delay start dates due to COVID-19. 

    However, due to COVID-19, on-campus bootcamps are currently being delivered through our interactive live online format. Guidance from government authorities will be monitored as we work toward a safe transition back to on-campus instruction. Upcoming bootcamps are planned to run as scheduled, with our Summer cohort running online for the full duration of the bootcamp.

    The situation with COVID-19 is extremely dynamic and we will continue to make decisions that are grounded in care for the health and safety of our students and staff. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates to enrolled students and applicants.

  • How is the bootcamp taught online?

    The live online bootcamp mirrors the on-campus student experience - running live, in real-time - except that it is delivered with live lectures using Zoom. Students interact with their Instructors, Teaching Assistants and classmates using Zoom and Slack. Lectures take place in the main zoom room, and breakout zoom rooms are used for students to collaborate during pair programming exercises and for one-on-ones with their Instructors and Teaching Assistants.

  • If my bootcamp moves from in-person instruction to a live online delivery model, what are my options to defer or request a refund?

    Prior to the class start, students who are impacted by COVID-19 may defer to a later cohort for no additional fee. Students who wish to withdraw from the program prior to the start date may do so and receive a full refund, inclusive of the registration fee.

    Students who wish to withdraw or defer after the program begins may do so per the refund policy outlined in the current campus catalogs.

  • I have a loan for my bootcamp program.  What options exist for me?

    If you are impacted by COVID-19 and have a loan through SkillsFund, please reach out to their Customer Care Team at [email protected]

  • Will Metis offer reduced tuition if my in-person program is shifted to online?

    Metis remains committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience through our in-person and live online bootcamps. Both modalities offer the same bootcamp curriculum, top-notch instructors and outstanding career support. Tuition for the in-person and live online bootcamps are priced the same and we will not have a reduction on tuition if the in-person program or a portion of the program is shifted online. 

    Students impacted by their program moving online due to COVID-19 may defer to a later cohort prior to their class start for no additional fees. 

  • What if I or a member of my family contract COVID-19 and I cannot continue with the program?

    The health and safety of you and your family are of the utmost importance to Metis. If you are  directly impacted by COVID-19, you should reach out via email, phone or Slack to your Program Manager to make arrangements to either defer to another cohort at no additional cost or withdraw from the program. The Program Manager can walk through your options to defer or withdraw (including the refund policy).

  • What if I am on a student visa at a Metis location?

    At this time, there may be some restrictions for international students entering the country. 

    For students enrolled on a student visa for the Summer or Fall cohort, please continue to communicate with your Program Manager for the latest updates.  You will also have the ability to defer your start date to a later cohort at no additional cost. For prospective students interested in attending Metis on a student visa, please connect with the Admissions team for the latest updates.

  • What if my question is not answered in this FAQ or if I have general questions about Metis?

    If you are interested in Metis, are an applicant, or if you are enrolled in a class that hasn’t started yet and have questions about an upcoming class please email [email protected]