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Bootcamp Prep Course

Python for Beginners

Live Online Course

Are you thinking about applying to our Data Science Bootcamp, but need to build your Python skills first? Our Python for Beginners course was designed for you - the beginner ready to learn the fundamentals of the world’s most popular programming language for data science from scratch. During this 3-week course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to programming in Python
  • Common basic data types and their properties
  • Logical operations, loops, functions and more

Roberto Reif, Executive Director of Data Science, Metis

Who the course is designed for:

Those interested in applying to our Data Science Bootcamp but who have little to no prior experience or need a refresher with fundamental Python programming that is necessary to succeed at the next level. The only prerequisite is to have Python installed.


  • The ability to write basic Python code, such as conditional statements, loops and functions
  • The ability to tackle courses in data science, particularly our Introduction to Data Science part-time course and full-time immersive Data Science Bootcamp.
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What you'll receive upon completion:

  • Certificate of completion
  • 1.2 Continuing Education Units

Dates & Instructors

Check back soon for upcoming course dates.


The only prerequisite is that students must be proficient with computers and have Python installed on their computers. Specifically, they need to install and verify the installation of Anaconda (for Python 3) by running a “Hello World” sample code.

Considering our immersive data science bootcamp?

Part-time course alumni can apply the amount of tuition paid for one part-time course towards enrollment in an upcoming bootcamp upon admittance.

Course Structure & Syllabus

Unit 1
Python Introduction

We will cover an introduction to programming in Python, learn what coding is, why Python is important, and how Jupyter Notebooks work.

Unit 2
Python Basics

We will learn about variables, basic data types such as integers, strings, floats, lists, dictionaries, tuples and their properties.

Unit 3
Python Intermediate

We will learn logical operations, if-else statements, while- and for-loops, and functions.

Live Online Interactive Learning

Learn from world-class data science practitioners.

Our Live Online instructors bring deep industry experience from a broad range of industries and companies including Viacom, Spotify, and Capital One Labs. You’ll have an Instructor and Assistant Instructor to support you throughout your learning process.

Interact with instructors and classmates in real-time.

This course is truly live, which means you can interact with the instructors and your fellow students in real-time. Stay engaged by asking questions and participating in polls and conversations, and join your course Slack channel for additional support, communication, and collaboration.

Learn online without sacrificing the value of live instruction.

The world is your classroom. Log in from wherever you are and gain access to live, interactive data science instruction that will push your career further in the right direction. In case you have to miss a class, you can access all recordings 24/7 to stay caught up and refer back.

Earn CEUs for accredited courses.

Not only will you walk away with new data science skills and knowledge, you’ll also earn up to 3.3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Our courses are accredited by ACCET, who requires we maintain high standards in areas such as quality of instruction and positive student feedback.

Register for an on-demand sample class

This 1-hour on-demand introduction to python lecture is a great way to preview what the new Live Online experience is like in Python for Beginners. 

Roberto Reif, Executive Director of Data Science at Metis, and co-designer of the Live Online Python for Beginners course, will cover a few sample topics in the on-demand class:

  1. How to write your first code
  2. Understand what Comments are and how to use Variables
  3. How to work with Basic Data Types
  4. And more!


  • How much Python do I need to know to take this course? What version of python is used?

    You do not need to know any Python to take this course. We will teach you the fundamentals of Python programming, using Python 3. This is also a great course even for those who already know some Python fundamentals if your goal is to build and strengthen them.

  • How much do part-time courses at Metis cost?

    The Python for Beginners course will cost $299. We also offer other courses at various pricing. You can learn more about them at our Bootcamp Prep page. 

  • Can I apply tuition from my part-time course to the bootcamp?

    Yes! Part-time alumni can apply the amount of tuition paid for one part-time course toward enrollment in an upcoming bootcamp upon admittance.

  • Do I receive pass/fail grades on completion of a part-time course?

    No, you receive a certificate of completion stating that you completed up to 12 hours of the course, accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training). Hours vary by course.

  • How much homework is required outside of class time?

    While there is no official homework, you can expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours per week reviewing material or working on projects. The non-class time spent will depend on your background and the course itself. Each instructor will address this on the first day of class, and there will be lab/office hours outside of class during which students and the instructor can collaborate.

  • Do I get career support if I take a part-time course?

    No. We do not offer career support for students of these courses like we do for our bootcamp students, but you will gain access to our alumni community network of 1000+ data scientists. Networking events and job opportunities are posted on a regular basis in this active digital community.

  • Who are the instructors for the part-time courses? Are they bootcamp instructors? What are their backgrounds?

    Our part-time course instructors come to teach at Metis from industry and have real-world experience as practitioners of data science. A few have even graduated from the Metis Data Science Bootcamp, while others have previously taught the Metis Data Science Bootcamp as well. Please visit the respective course pages for specific information on each instructor’s background and current jobs.

  • How often do Metis part-time courses meet?

    This part-time course runs two nights per week over the course of 3 weeks, totalling 12 hours of instruction. Typically, our other part-time courses typically run two nights per week over the course of 6 weeks, totaling 36 hours of instruction, but this can vary. Please see the full schedule here for the most up-to-date information. We consistently add new courses, so be sure to check back routinely.

  • Does Metis offer any part-time courses online?

    Yes, we currently offer a rotating selection of our part-time bootcamp prep courses in a Live Online format, meaning once registered, you can login from anywhere to learn.

  • What are the benefits of taking a course in a Live Online format?

    The beauty of the Live Online format is that you’re taught by our industry-leading instructors live, but you can attend class sessions from literally anywhere you have an internet connection. Unlike some other online course options out there, our courses allow for interaction with the instructor, assistant instructors, and other students – and because these are on a set schedule, you’ll be held accountable to actually attend, do the work, and learn the material (which is what you’re really here for anyway!).

  • I took a Metis part-time course and now want to apply for the bootcamp. Does that give me a competitive edge?

    It does not, simply because we evaluate each and every bootcamp applicant the same way in order to ensure fairness. However, if accepted into the bootcamp, you do have the advantage of applying the amount of one part-time course tuition toward the bootcamp tuition, so you essentially got your part-time course for free.

  • How will I receive access to the curriculum?

    The curriculum will be provided via Github; therefore, you must register a Github account. Sign-up for an account on their site is free, fast and easy. Github is a web-based hosting service for version control using Git.

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