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Ready to master the fundamentals of data engineering and become a stronger data scientist? This two-week Live Online Data Engineering course will help you build skills and apply them to a project of your own design, so you can use your knowledge in the real world. 


Upcoming Program Dates

Apr 19 - Apr 30

11am - 6pm ET

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May 17 - May 28

11am - 6pm ET

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Jun 14 - Jun 25

11am - 6pm ET

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The Metis Data Engineering Immersive Course at a Glance


Week 1

Advanced Databases, Cloud Computing and Big Data Handling

In week one we’ll dive into advanced database tools, cloud computing, and big data handling tools, and how to leverage them in a real world setting.

Week 2

Advanced Programming and Web Applications

In week two, we will explore advanced programming techniques and web application deployment. At the end of the course, you’ll present a final project.


For your project, you’ll show off your ability to develop a modularized data processing pipeline, using tools like non-relational and relational databases, cloud computing, big data handling tools, and web application deployment.

What's Covered

  • How to write well-structured and reusable code by leveraging key concepts
  • Ways to leverage cloud resources to create remote servers for computing, storage, and application deployment
  • How to build and deploy python web applications that mirror production environments
  • Relational and non-relational/NoSQL databases, including their data representations and appropriate use cases
  • Advanced queries in SQL and using NoSQL syntax to extract information from databases
  • Big data handling technology and how to process massive scale datasets in a parallelized manner


We recommend that students have a basic understanding of the following topics:

  • Basic visualization libraries and how to use these tools to explore and visualize tabular datasets
  • General Python and pandas
  • Relational databases and SQL syntax, as well as how to write simple queries from relational databases
  • Regression models, foundational terminology and approaches in machine learning like unsupervised learning and classification
  • How to web scrape or obtain data through application programming interfaces is a bonus

A Few of Our Elite Instructors

The Data Engineering for Data Science Course is led by industry-seasoned data scientists who meet our high bar of online teaching excellence.
  • Vinny Senguttuvan

    5 years at Metis

  • Joe Eddy

    3 years at Metis

  • Kimberly Fessel

    2 years at Metis

Meet the Full Team

The Live Online Learning Experience Brought to Life

Studying on your own can never match our interactive, in-depth learning experience. The best part? You can join our expert-led classes wherever you live.

Follow along during lecture as your teacher presents.

Interact with your teachers and peers through video, chat, and with the interactive polls.

Our whiteboarding makes it feel like you’re actually in the classroom.

Partner with classmates during project work, pair-programming, and more.

Use the dedicated Slack channel to chat with your instructors and classmates.


Payment Options


Pay your course tuition up front: $3,500


Coming soon! Finance your tuition through our lending partners: Skills Fund and Climb Credit.


Find out if your employer will cover the cost of tuition to support your development.


Short Immersive Course alumni can apply the amount of tuition paid for one course towards enrollment in an upcoming bootcamp upon admittance.

Upcoming Program Dates

Apr 19 - Apr 30

11am - 6pm ET

Next Start | Enroll

May 17 - May 28

11am - 6pm ET

Open | Enroll

Jun 14 - Jun 25

11am - 6pm ET

Open | Enroll

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I qualified to enroll in the Introduction to Data Engineering short immersive course? Are there any prerequisites?

    Introduction to Data Engineering is an advanced course, which anyone can enroll in; However, we strongly recommend students only enroll if the following statements apply:

    • - Proficiency in command line and general Python programming with an ability to  effectively use standard Python syntax and data structures to implement algorithms.
    • - Understanding of the fundamentals of relational databases and proficiency in basic SQL syntax; the ability to write simple queries to extract information from relational databases.
    • - Working familiarity with regression models and an understanding of foundational terminology/approaches in machine learning such as classification and unsupervised learning.
    • - Students who have comfort with web scraping or obtaining data through application programming interfaces (APIs) will be able to pursue a larger range of project possibilities, though these skills aren’t necessary to succeed in the course. 
    • - Students need a Github account, which they can sign up for easily (and for free) before class begins.
  • What is the enrollment process like? Is there an application for this course?

    There is no application. To enroll in the Introduction to Data Engineering course, click here. Just be sure to do so by the deadline, which is 8pm ET on the Friday before the course start date. This deadline ensures that we can send students the information they’ll need to login and start class on day one.

  • Are there payment options for this course? How much is tuition?

    Tuition for the Introduction to Data Engineering course is $3,500. Students pay for the course in full upon enrolling.

  • What kind of time commitment does the Introduction to Data Engineering course require?

    Students are expected to be online from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm ET / 10:00 am - 5:00 pm CT / 8:00 am - 3:00 pm PT Monday through Friday for two weeks. This short immersive course schedule includes daily pair programming, lectures, independent project work, and a one-hour lunch break. In order to receive a certificate of completion, students must maintain attendance and achieve passing scores on both the project and assessments.

    Students should also expect to spend time outside of these required class hours to review lectures, complete assignments, and work on their projects.

  • Do I have access to Metis career support if I enroll in this course?

    No, we do not offer career support for our short immersive courses like we do for those in our bootcamps. However, Introduction to Data Engineering students will have access to our expansive and always-growing network of data professionals and will be made aware of networking events and job opportunities as they’re posted in Slack.

  • Who teaches this Metis short immersive course?

    Our short immersive courses, including Introduction to Data Engineering, are taught by the same Data Science Instructors who teach our bootcamps. These highly-reviewed, qualified instructors bring a wealth of expertise with advanced work and educational backgrounds spanning finance, business, education, mathematics, neuroscience, engineering, and more.



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