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Online Data
Science Courses

Metis Short Immersive Courses are designed for students looking to upskill in specific data science and analytics topics—fast.


Choose the Right Online
Course for You

Acquire exploratory data analysis knowledge and how to use tools like SQL and Python libraries.

Learn the basics of linear regressions, feature engineering, and cross-validation, and how to web scrape.

Build skills to explore and extract meaningful data insights, so you can make sharper business decisions.

Learn the fundamentals of classification models from common algorithms to real world applications.

Build a foundational knowledge of NLP and unsupervised learning including dimensionality reduction, recommendation systems and clustering.

Learn the basics of neural networks and deep learning, including embeddings, transfer learning, and convolutional neural networks.

Get a strong handle on the fundamentals of data engineering as it applied to data science, including cloud computing and big data technologies.

Short Immersive Formats Built For You

Whether you choose Live Online or Online Flex, our project-oriented courses will help you quickly skill up in targeted areas.


  • Live online lectures maximize engagement with instructors and classmates
  • The full-time, immersive format enables you to focus deeply on your projects and learning
  • Perfect for upskilling in a particular topic quickly


  • On-demand lectures let you work on your own schedule, with dedicated, live 1:1 instructor support and office hours
  • Clear deadlines for assignments and organized modules provide structure and accountability
  • A great fit for those who are employed or want more flexibility

See a Class in Action

Want to peek into one of our course lectures? This recorded lesson will give you a sense of how we teach and how you’ll participate during class.

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A Project-Oriented Curriculum that Drives Results

The Metis Short Immersives help you build and leverage in-demand skills for your career. You’ll graduate from your course with a real-world project that can be added to your professional portfolio.

Courses are Starting. Are You in?

Exploratory Data Analysis

Live Online

Jan 3 - Jan 14

Linear Regression and Web Scraping

Online Flex

Jan 3 - Jan 28

Introduction to Data Engineering

Live Online

Dec 6 - Dec 17

Business Fundamentals for Data Practitioners

Online Flex

Jan 3 - Jan 28

Machine Learning Classification

Online Flex

Jan 3 - Jan 28

Natural Language Processing and Unsupervised Learning

Online Flex

Jan 3 - Jan 28

Deep Learning Fundamentals

Online Flex

Jan 3 - Jan 28

Data Science Bootcamp

Live Online

Jan 3 - Mar 11

Looking for a more immersive learning experience?

Our bootcamps are designed to give you a holistic, nuanced understanding of data science and analytics. Plus, you’ll get career support until you’re hired.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science and Engineering Bootcamp

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp