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Expert data science training to build and strengthen your business.

Your employees know your use cases, infrastructure, and stack. We provide training to fill in the gaps, enabling your organization to capitalize on the potential already working under your roof.

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The Metis Advantage

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$2B global education company

Singular data science focus with
industry expert instructors

Metis is owned by Kaplan, a world leader in education recognized for pioneering "Learning Engineering," an assessment and design process that optimizes how students learn in different contexts. Our curriculum specialists work with partners to develop courses that lead to learning, not just a transfer of information. Another advantage? We are the industry's only accredited intensive data science bootcamp

We are experts in two things: the science of learning and the science of data for business.

Our Enterprise Training Experience:

Metis is proud to be a 2019 IT Training Watch List Company.

Working with Intel to develop multiple 8-and 12-week machine learning and deep learning courses.

Two-week immersive data science fundamentals class to nine cohorts of Fortune 500 global financial company.

One-week multitrack course on Spark, Machine Learning, and NLP for Fortune 100 international bank.

Two-day Python course for ten cohorts at $6+ billion global media company.

Metis Corporate Training Data and Analytics Courses for Teams

Our best-in-class data science and analytics courses are specially developed for large business teams to tackle real-life problems. Take a look at our offerings to find the course that fits your business need.

Live Online Training Capabilities:

Robust digital media capabilities, including running Live Online courses and events for the past eight years.

Average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 53, which is comparable to Netflix or Samsung.

Streaming, interactive events with ability to support more than 5,000 attendees.

Metis Offers:
  • Onsite training
  • Corporate bootcamps
  • Live, online workshops
  • Custom learning paths
  • Content licensing

Leveraging Kaplan’s superior teaching tools, Metis offers both in-person trainings and remote trainings via our Live Online technology. We are able to blend these capabilities so that we can teach your whole team, even if they’re not located in the same office.

We can also work with clients who need to build up their data science skills across the whole organizations. For these partners, we offer a custom solution that includes modular learning paths, content licensing, and corporate bootcamps.

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Our Data
Science Team

Our renowned team of senior data scientists bring their deep industry experience directly into the classroom. With advanced degrees from institutions like MIT, Georgia Tech, and Stanford, our instructors are also seasoned practitioners who have worked directly for GE, McKinsey & Company, LinkedIn, Morgan Stanley, and other technology-focused firms.

And, to ensure his/her know-how stays relevant, each instructor engages in an industry focused Passion Project for three months of the year. Check out some of our all-star team on the right:

Mike Galvin

Executive Director of Data Science Corporate Training

Eric Kuennen

Head of Sales

Kevin Birnbaum

Senior Data Scientist

Javed Ahmed

Senior Data Scientist

Client Case Studies

Metis data science and analytics training empowers your workforce to efficiently tackle data-related projects in-house. Our client success stories demonstrate how we help companies remain on the cutting edge of their industry by augmenting the data and analytics competencies throughout their organizations.

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
“I really enjoyed lots of time to get hands-on experience. The mixture of project time and lesson time was perfect.”
- Graduate, Financial Services Company
CMA Strategy Consulting
“Metis’s experience providing customized coding training to non-coders was apparent from the get-go.”
- Alex King, Principal, CMA

“Metis adapted a variety of their curriculum to best fit the needs of our diverse and growing data science and analyst teams. The hands on exercises made us feel like we could hit the ground running after the training. We certainly came away having a better idea of where the current techniques and tools sit in the landscape of data science and big data.”

—Melanie Rubino, Analytics Consultant at Wells Fargo