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We accelerate data science learning for individuals, companies, and institutions through corporate training and accredited, immersive bootcamps. We are actively looking for talented, hard-working and good-natured people who will strive, sweat and go the extra mile for our students.

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Hear from our team about what it's like to work at Metis.

Spoiler alert - we really enjoy working together!

“We hire incredibly talented, capable people who have a ton of options in terms of where they work. They bring to Metis their passion, teaching credentials, academic background, and industry experience, and that translates to everything we do.”


President and Founder

Considering a Senior Data Scientist Role at Metis?


Senior Data Scientists have the opportunity to pursue a passion project of their design once every three quarters. Below are four stellar examples of what's been accomplished in the recent past.


Our Senior Data Scientists consistently talk about their experiences teaching at Metis stepped up their knowledge and skills to the next level, benefitting their careers in more ways than one.

Outside the Classroom

Career Opportunities

Lead Software Engineer

New York City |

Full time

The Lead Software Engineer oversees the Engineering Department and reports directly to the President of Metis. This is an opportunity to dive into exciting existing products; explore and develop new tools, systems, and platforms; manage another full-stack engineer; work closely with the different department heads to develop action plans and roadmaps; and make sure our security and privacy policies are up to date. The engineering team also works closely with the product team to create an accurate roadmap and deliver new products.

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Part-Time Data Science Instructor

Remote |

Part time

Metis is hiring a Part-Time Data Science Instructor to teach our Bootcamp Prep courses. We are looking for someone who loves and excels at teaching basic concepts in Python, Math and Data Science.

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Data Scientist

Chicago |

Full time

We are looking for Data Scientists to be part of the Metis Data Science Instructional Team. We seek individuals who love and are passionate about teaching others to be premier data scientists, excel at analyzing and visualizing data to solve important problems, and are fun to be around and work with. An ideal candidate should be quick to learn and adapt, care about the design of simple, powerful, beautiful interfaces and visuals, love writing code, thrive in creative team efforts, and also have interests and passions beyond data science.

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