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Accelerate Your Career in One of the Fastest-Growing Fields

The Live Online Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp features 14 weeks of daily classes, seven projects, and expert guidance. You’ll end with a dedicated Career Week after graduation where advisors will help you perfect your resume and interviewing skills, so you’re prepared to land a job in the field.


Upcoming Program Dates

Mar 22 - Jun 25

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Deadline to Apply: Feb 22

Apr 19 - Jul 23

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Deadline to Apply: Mar 22

May 17 - Aug 20

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Deadline to Apply: Apr 19

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Bootcamp Curriculum at a Glance

Over 14 weeks, you’ll attend daily live online classes covering seven modules. You’ll also connect and collaborate with classmates and complete portfolio-worthy projects.

Career Guidance and Support Until You’re Hired

Industry-experienced career advisors work with you throughout the Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp and after graduation until you land a job.

During Bootcamp


Map out your target salary, industry, job location and company with help from a career advisor.


Throughout the program, you’ll hear from industry experts as they give advice and share experiences.


These instructional videos show you how to draft a strong resume, build an online presence, network, and more.

The Week After Bootcamp


Put networking tips into action, prep for interviews, finalize a stand-out resume, and more, during live sessions hosted by Career Advisors.


Get technical and non-technical interview practice and feedback from experts who know what it takes to get hired.

Until You’re Hired


Be added to our graduate directory where hiring managers can see your portfolio, resume, and bio.


Get customized career support until you get a job, and use our Alumni Portal to find your next opportunity.


Join Other Metis Grads at these Top Companies

A Live Online Experience to Keep You Engaged

Join us for class wherever there’s WiFi, and get interactive, in-depth instruction you just can’t fake when you study on your own.

Stay engaged and follow along as your instructor shares a presentation.

Join the conversation on video, in the chat, and with the polling feature.

We simulate the in-person learning experience with a digital whiteboard.

You’ll collaborate with your classmates during project work and pair-programming.

Keep up with your teachers and classmates in your dedicated Slack channel.

Bootcamp Schedule & Details

Program Details

14-Week, Full-time Bootcamp Program Schedule*:

Monday - Friday

11:00am - 6:00pm ET

10:00am - 5:00pm CT

8:00am - 3:00pm PT

*Includes independent project work and break.


Experience with programming and stats

Upcoming Program Dates

March 22 - June 25

Application deadline: February 22

April 19 - July 23

Application deadline: March 22

May 17 - August 20

Application deadline: April 19

June 14 - September 17

Application deadline: May 17

Check out our full program schedule for a list of comprehensive course dates.

Say Hello to Some of the Metis Instructors

The Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp is taught by data scientists with deep industry experience and online teaching expertise.
  • Vinny Senguttuvan

    5 years at Metis

  • Joe Eddy

    3 years at Metis

  • Kimberly Fessel

    2 years at Metis

Meet the full team


Multiple Ways to Pay


We offer a $3,000 Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp scholarship for women, members of underrepresented groups, the LGBTQ community, or veterans of U.S. military personnel


Pay the Full Program Tuition $18,500


Work with our team to qualify for zero-interest payments plans.


Finance your tuition through our lending partners: Skills Fund and Climb Credit.

Meet Our Alumni

The Metis alumni network has more than 1,200 international data professionals. Read some of their stories to get inspired about your upcoming career change.


Machine Learning Engineer, Quora

Winter 2019

Read their story


Lead Product Scientist, Indeed

Fall 2017

Read their story | Watch Video


Data Scientist, DigitalGlobe

Summer 2016

Read their story


Data Scientist, Change Healthcase

Spring 2016

Read their story


Machine Learning Scientist,

Winter 2019

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One Hour at Bootcamp: SQL 101


One Hour at Bootcamp: SQL 101

Join us for the next One Hour at Bootcamp workshop to kickstart your data journey with SQL, a foundational data skill widely used to extract data from databases.



Apply to the Data Science & Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp

Don’t wait to apply. Applicants who are qualified will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

The initial application takes between 10 - 15 minutes to finish.

We will handle your contact details in line with our Privacy Policy. You can update your marketing communications preferences here.

What does our Data Science & Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp consist of?

    14 weeks of instruction with daily live online classes

    7 data science projects you can add to your portfolio

    Personalized support from instructors and TAs

    Career support during program and beyond

    And a lot more

Not ready to apply?
Explore our prep courses and free resources.



  • What is the admissions process like? And who can apply to the

    Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp?

    We’re able to accept applicants for the Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp from the following U.S. states. If you currently reside in a state where we don’t yet have approval, you can still submit your application and our Admissions team will follow up with you once they have updates regarding your eligibility. 

    To complete the application process, each applicant must complete the following steps: 1) submit an online application, 2) complete a non-technical interview with the Admissions team, and 3) complete the technical assessment.

    At each of these three stages, our admissions committee reviews your application and determines your preparedness to succeed. We assess applicants on (1) programming experience, (2) math experience, (3) communication skills, (4) personality traits of curiosity, grit, and passion, (5) motivation to join the bootcamp and (6) potential overall fit within Metis. If the committee agrees that the applicant has the potential for success, the applicant is informed in writing of their acceptance within 2 business days of completing the technical assessment.

    Ready to apply? Get started here.

  • How can I prepare for the bootcamp (especially if I don’t feel ready quite yet!)

    If you’d like to enhance your Python, math, and general data science skills prior to applying, we’d recommend considering one of our part-time bootcamp prep courses. During, you’ll gain the skills you need to succeed in the Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp. You’re also able to  apply the tuition paid from one prep course towards the bootcamp.

    Additionally, we recommend that you register for our free Metis Admissions Prep to enhance  your data science skills, test your knowledge, and discover your next best step.

  • Is this a full-time commitment?

    Yes. The Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp lasts 10 weeks and requires a full-time commitment Monday through Friday. The bootcamps runs from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm ET / 10:00 am - 5:00 pm CT / 8:00 am - 3:00 pm PT. The daily schedule includes lectures, pair programming, one-hour lunch, and independent project work.

  • What are the payment options for the bootcamp?

    Tuition for the Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp is $18,500. If accepted,a deposit of $1,500 is required within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement in order to secure a spot. After making the deposit, students have the option of paying in installments. For affordable financing options, we partner with third party financing partners Climb Credit and Skills Fund  Both offer several monthly repayment options for our students accepted to the bootcamp. 

    Women, members of the LGBTQ community, members of underrepresented demographic groups*, and/or veterans or members of the U.S. military are eligible to receive a $3,000 scholarship toward their Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp tuition.

    *Underrepresented demographic groups include African Americans, Mexican-Americans, Native Americans (American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians), Hispanic and Latino Americans, Pacific Islanders, and mainland Puerto Ricans.

  • How do Metis Career Services help me find a job?

    Since launching our bootcamps in 2014, our Career Services team has helped graduates find employment in cities and states all over the U.S. and the globe. Our team of Career Advisors are committed to:

    • - Coach you through this career transition through one-on-one meetings, workshops focused on job readiness, and helping you make valuable  connections to our always-growing alumni network.
    • - Expose graduates to our hiring network, filled with employers looking to hire data science professionals.
    • - Provide post-bootcamp support and professional development through our until you’re hired.


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Not Ready to Commit?

Bootcamp modules are offered as short, two-week immersive courses. It’s a great option for those who are interested in a specific topic or anyone who wants to get a feel for the full bootcamp.

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