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Metis AdmissionsPrep

Develop Your Data Science Fundamentals & Prepare to Apply to the Metis Bootcamp

Prospective Metis bootcamp students like you often want to know how to prep for the admissions process and how to gauge your readiness to apply. Our answer is Metis Admissions Prep, engineered by our Admissions and Data Science teams to help you build the skills you need to improve your application to our bootcamp. This free tool helps you build your Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Statistics, and Python Fundamentals.

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Enhance Your Skills

Grow your command of data science fundamentals with expert-developed curriculum that includes exercises for focused practice. You’ll build knowledge in the 5 technical areas our application assesses to help you elevate your skills to a higher level.

Test Your Knowledge

Build your data science knowledge at your own pace and study only the areas you need to develop. For example, if you’re rusty in Calculus and Probability, but feel confident in your Statistics and Linear Algebra fundamentals, then you can skip the latter modules.

Discover Your Best Next Step

After you complete the modules and accompanying exercises, you should feel more confident about your level of preparation. As an extra step, take the included pre-application assessment (like a practice test) to determine if you’re ready to apply after the modules. Admissions will reach out with your results and feedback on your best next step. Alternately, to set up a call now, use this link to book time with admissions.

Module 1: Linear Algebra

Learn how Linear Algebra is different from general algebra and perform exercises with vectors and matrices.

Module 2: Calculus

Pick up the knowledge you need about functions of calculus, derivatives, and integrals, plus discover how to find local minimums and maximums.

Module 3: Probability

Enhance your probability fundamentals by learning about independent and conditional probability and solve combination and permutation problems.

Module 4: Statistics

Brush up on mean, median and mode while studying correlations as well as uniform and gaussian distributions.

Module 5: Python Fundamentals

We are big fans and users of Python, and most of your work in our Live Online Bootcamps will be completed in Python. Deep-dive into the helpful resources we’ve curated to help you program more confidently in Python.

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