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Weekly Roundup: Data Science Meetups (NYC & SF)

By Emily Wilson • August 19, 2016

During any given week, both New York City and San Francisco are treasure troves for data science Meetups. If we're not hosting our own, we try to make it out to others' events, at which we can talk about, think about, and practice data science. Here is a list of events we're especially interested in this week.

If you're in San Francisco, we invite you to attend our event tomorrow on The Importance of Visual Contrast When Communicating with Data. You can get more information below.

New York City

NYC Women in Machine Learning & Data Science
Faster Python Computing with Pyfora
Tuesday, August 23

Analytics Big Data Cloud and Discovery
#GetHired Through Data Analytics Hiring Drive (Virtual Event)
Tuesday, August 23

Big Data Developers New York City
Show Us Your Apps - Apache Spark Maker Build Global Hackathon
Tuesday, August 23

San Francisco

Data Scientists Engineers Project Group
Come Together to Work on a Data Science Project
Monday, August 22

Metis San Francisco
The Importance of Visual Contrast When Communicating with Data (our event!)
Tuesday, August 23

Data Driven Women
DDW: Welcome Back & Networking Meetup
Wednesday, August 24

San Francisco Internet of Things Meetup
Reflections and Projections: Perspectives on IoT 2016-2017
Wednesday, August 24

The Hive Think Tank
Unpacking Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
Wednesday, August 24

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