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VIDEO: The State of AI in Banking with Metis Sr. Data Scientist Javed Ahmed

By Metis  • July 08, 2020

Metis Sr. Data Scientist Javed Ahmed recently took part in a panel discussion about The State of AI in Banking during an online Ai4 event along with Anusha Dandapani (Vice President, Data Science Lead at Barclays), Rughi Gupta (Vice President, Credit Risk at HSBC), and Stuart Neilson (Director at CITI). The panelists dove into issues like risk, automation, compliance, and talent, answering questions including: How does AI help banks manage risk? How is AI becoming integral to the compliance processes? When it comes to AI in your business, who on your teams are central to the projects, and do they need upskilling? and more.

When it came to upskilling, an area of particular focus for Javed and the rest of our Corporate Training team, he said:

"Across all industries, including banking, the more management is involved in analytics, and particularly management at senior levels, the more likely firms are to do better relative to their competitors in terms of profitability and sales growth. In terms of talent, it's increasingly important that everybody at the bank or firm or company has a certain baseline level of literacy in terms of the tools and techniques in machine learning and AI...The more that people can bring management into all facets of quantitative development, the better." 

Watch below to hear more from Javed and the rest of the panelists: 

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