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VIDEO: Metis Chief Data Scientist Discusses The Making of a Data Scientist

By Metis  • June 16, 2020

Last week, our Chief Data Scientist Debbie Berebichez was a guest on Kaplan's Bold Leaders in Learning LinkedIn live discussion series. During the interview with host Brandon Busteed, Debbie shares the story of her path to data science, including how she was originally discouraged from pursuing study in physics based on gender. She discusses the deep impact that her mentor had on her career and life, and the importance of paying that act of meaningful mentorship forward. Debbie has made it an integral part of her career to mentor girls and young women, giving them the encouragement to pursue STEM studies and careers. 

Brandon and Debbie also discuss the importance of defining data science and understanding its impact on all facets of modern life, and in particular, understanding how it can impact business. They touch on the data science bootcamp, the usefulness of corporate training, and on how failure shouldn't be thought of as a bad word. In fact, Debbie believes failure to be a vital part of a data scientist's work.

Watch the full interview above or check it on LinkedIn here to learn more.

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