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Upcoming Webinar 7/30: How to Empower Your Business with Data Literacy

By Metis  • July 22, 2020

On Thursday, July 30th at 1pm ET, our Chief Data Scientist Debbie Berebichez will host a free, live Training Industry webinar on Empowering Your Business with Data Literacy

In today’s volatile business environment, companies need data-literate employees who can make data-driven decisions. Why? Simply put: data-driven companies outperform their competitors and it all starts with the creation of a data-driven culture.

Register to hear Debbie go over how to build this type of environment, where people and data work together for better business.

Attendees will gain actionable insights on:

  • - The proven benefits of a data-driven culture
  • - How to create a company-wide, data-driven business environment
  • - Examples of success and pitfalls to avoid when training employees in data literacy 

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