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Upcoming Webinar: Deep Learning Approaches to Forecasting & Planning

By Metis  • June 08, 2020

On Thursday, June 18th, join us for a free live online webinar with Metis Sr. Data Scientist Javed Ahmed. He'll explore how Deep Learning can be used in forecasting and planning in a way that both technical and non-technical managers can understand. Focusing on the intuition behind various approaches, Javed will cover how managers can tackle highly complex models by asking the right questions and using familiar model evaluation tools. He'll also discuss examples, explore some of the methodologies available, and address effective implementation. 

Business leaders, data science managers, and decision-makers will leave equipped with the tools to:

  • - Identify types of forecasting applications that can benefit from deep learning  
  • - Broadly understand deep learning approaches relevant to forecasting  
  • - Understand pitfalls related to deep learning approaches, and why simpler models may work better
  • - Evaluate the results of a forecasting program

About Javed: 
Javed is an economist and data scientist with experience in banking, finance, forecasting, risk management, consulting, policy, and behavioral economics. He has led development of analytic applications for large organizations including Amazon and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and served as a researcher with the Office of Financial Research (U.S. Treasury). He holds a Ph.D. in financial economics and an MA in statistics from U.C. Berkeley, as well as undergraduate degrees in operations management and systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

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