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Two Courses, Two Open Houses: Data Visualization and Big Data

By Emily Wilson • November 18, 2015

This winter, we're offering two evening, part-time courses at Metis NYC - one on Data Visualization with DS.js, taught by Kevin Quealy, Graphics Editor at The New York Times, and the other on Big Data Processing with Hadoop and Spark, taught by senior software engineer Dorothy Kucar.

Those interested in the courses and subject matter are invited to come into the classroom for upcoming Open House events, during which the instructors will present on each topic, respectively, while you enjoy pizza, drinks, and networking with other like-minded individuals in the audience.

Data Visualization Open House: December 9th, 6:30

RSVP to hear Kevin Quealy present on his use of D3 at The New York Times, where it's the exclusive tool for data visualization projects. See the course syllabus and view a video interview with Kevin here.

This evening course, which begins January 20th, covers D3, the powerful Javascript library that's frequently used to create data visualizations on the web. It can be challenging to learn, but as Quealy notes, "with D3 you're in charge of every pixel, which makes it incredibly powerful."

Big Data Processing with Hadoop & Spark Open House: December 2nd, 6:30pm

RSVP to hear Dorothy demonstrate the function and importance of Hadoop and Spark, the work-horses of distributed computing in the business world today. She'll field any questions you may have about her evening course at Metis, which begins January 19th.

Distributed computing is necessary because of the sheer volume of data (on the order of many terabytes or petabytes, in some cases), which cannot fit into the memory of a single machine. Hadoop and Spark are both open source frameworks for distributed computing. Working with the two frameworks will provides the tools to deal efficiently with datasets that are too large to be processed on a single machine.

We hope to see you at one or both events!

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