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Two Metis Team Members Featured in New Book, 'Mothers of Data Science'

By Emily Wilson • July 23, 2020

Last week, authors Kate Strachnyi and Kristen Kehrer published a book titled Mothers of Data Science, born of their combined interest in learning more about the experiences of mothers who work in the still male-dominated field of data science. Both Strachnyi and Kehrer are data scientists and mothers, too, and throughout the book, they share their own experiences as well as interview others in similar situations to create a collection of stories from within the field. 

The book's description states: "For the person who is wondering what it looks like to return to a male-dominated office while lactating, or needs some solidarity when they've been offered an "incredible opportunity" to pay out of their own pocket to go speak at a conference and have had to say "No" due to familial responsibilities. This book offers solidarity." 

Included among the interviews are Metis Chief Data Scientist Debbie Berebichez and Metis Data Scientist Alice Zhao. Alice is a mother of two small children and has a passion for teaching and making complex concepts easy to understand. She's also a big proponent of supporting women in STEM. Debbie is also a mother of two small children and is the first Mexican woman to graduate with a physics Ph.D. from Stanford University. Also passionate about STEM, she focuses on inspiring women, girls, and kids of all backgrounds to pursue careers in science.

Want more? You can buy the book here

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