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Metis Held Three Data Science Events in Two Cities in One Night

By Emily Wilson • December 07, 2015

As we gear up for another busy week filled with events and preparation for the current Data Science Bootcamp cohort to graduate on December 16th, we're taking a quick look back to last week, when we hosted three events in one night in two cities.

First, in NYC on Wednesday evening, we hosted an alumni panel for the current cohort, featuring three recent graduates: Lyle Payne Morgan Smith, a Data Analyst at BuzzFeed, Erin Dooley, a Research Analyst at NYC Department of Education, and Gina Soileau, Teaching Assistant at Metis. Each spoke candidly about their job searches, interview experiences, and current positions.

"I came to Metis from working in Broadway Theater. I was doing ticket pricing, so I was using a lot of data but, everything was in Excel. Everything I was looking at, I thought, Oh, it would be cool to do this, it would be cool to do this, but I don't know how to this," said panelist Erin Dooley. "I came to Metis looking for exposure to the tools that are out there and also, just in general, [to find out] what the data science landscape looks like. Now in my new role at the New York City Department of Education, I'm a Research Analyst and I already feel like any idea I have, I know how to start implementing it."

The cohort, fast approaching graduation, asked questions of the panel for an extended period of time that overflowed into a round of pizza and drinks in the classroom. We're currently transcribing the entire robust conversation into a Q&A that will be published on the blog soon, so be on the lookout for upcoming insider tips and information about the Data Science job search.

Also in NYC that evening, we held an Open House for our upcoming evening course on Big Data Processing with Hadoop & Spark. Course designer and Metis Instructor Dorothy Kucar, a Senior Software Engineer, presented on the topic, providing a brief demo of the Hadoop software framework. She also went over what prospective students can expect from the course. Interest in the topic is high due to the fact that Hadoop & Spark are largely considered the workhorses of distributed computing in the business world today.

In case you missed this event and are interested in learning more about the Hadoop & Spark evening course, we're hosting a panel discussion with leading data scientists in conversation about their use of Hadoop & Spark in business. While the event has reached capacity RSVPs, we encourage those interested to sign up for the waitlist.

[Note: Through December 21st, the price of our Hadoop & Spark evening course is $2250 -- after December 21st, it is $2500.]

Last but not least, in San Francisco we hosted a Meetup on Differential Privacy as Applied to Machine Learning with the Bay Area Women in Machine Learning and Data Science group. Dr. Nina Zumel, a principal consultant and the co-founder of Win-Vector LLC (a data science consulting firm in San Francisco), spoke on the ideas behind differential privacy and reviewed how it can be used to enable safer re-use of holdout data in machine learning.

"We had a great crowd. In fact, the speaker commented on exactly that point afterwards. She said it was one of the best audience she's had. Everyone was very engaged and seemed to have some background in the field," said Lingqiang Kong, Metis Teaching Assistant in San Francisco.

If you're interested in attending upcoming and future events at Metis, join our Meetup communities in New York City and San Francisco.

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