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Test Your Data Literacy Daily with Our New #DemystifyDS Question of the Day

By Carlos Russo • April 28, 2020

Our mission at Metis is to help people find value in data. That's why we launched the Demystifying Data Science conference in 2017 and why we're excited to announce our new data literacy initiative, the Demystifying Data Science Question of the Day!

Data literacy is near and dear to us because it provides the foundation needed to use data as a universal language for decision making. This includes being able to read and analyze data and communicate about data effectively. With the Question of the Day, you can test your data literacy every weekday, as we publish a brand new question Monday - Friday. With each question answered and explained, you'll begin strengthening your data literacy muscles.

For access, you can visit the site each day or you can sign up to receive the question directly to your inbox. Check out your options here, and give today's question a shot while you're at it! 

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