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SwitchUp Guest Post: Taking Advantage of Career Services While at Metis

By Metis  • November 05, 2019

Last week, we had the opportunity to write a guest post for SwitchUp. Titled Taking Advantage of Metis Career Services During the Bootcamp, it features portions of an interview with Ashley Purdy, Metis Chicago Career Advisor, as well as input from bootcamp graduates. 

“I think of Metis not only as a data science bootcamp, but also as a professional bootcamp,” said Purdy, who emphasizes the need for students to focus on the data science curriculum and the careers curriculum in tandem. “The career services team is involved in every aspect of the program from day one as we shape students to become full-fledged data science professionals.”

Check out the full post on SwitchUp to get Ashley's insights and advice and to learn how graduates now working as data scientists took advantage of the career services at their disposal during the bootcamp.


See the Metis Data Science Bootcamp Careers curriculum here.

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