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Reduced Tuition on Remaining 2020 Bootcamp Prep Courses

By Metis  • September 08, 2020

From today through October 9th, when you enroll in any of our remaining 2020 Bootcamp Prep Courses, you'll save 33% on tuition. We hope this reduction provides opportunities for those interested in building data science skills in a live online format, taught by industry leaders.

The following courses qualify: 

Beginner Python & Math for Data Science - Two Courses Starting September 21st & October 19th
Are you considering applying to our Data Science Bootcamp but need to build or brush up on your basic skills first? Our Beginner Python & Math for Data Science course was designed for you, the beginner looking for an introduction to the building blocks essential to developing data science skills or forging a new career in the field. This course sets you on the right track, covering everything you’ll encounter during the bootcamp application process. You’ll learn:

  • - An introduction to programming in Python
  • - Common Python libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib
  • - Foundations of linear algebra
  • - Foundations of calculus
  • - Foundations of probability
  • - Foundation of statistics

Learn more about the syllabus and instructors here.

Python for Beginners - One Course Starts November 2nd
Totally new to Python and need a place to start? This course is for the beginner ready to learn the fundamentals of the world’s most popular programming language for data science from scratch. During this 3-week course, you'll learn:

  • - Introduction to programming in Python
  • - Common basic data types and their properties
  • - Logical operations, loops, functions and more

Learn more about the syllabus and instructor here.

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