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Q&A Recap: Learn About Our Inaugural Live Online Bootcamp

By Emily Wilson • November 20, 2019

Last week, we hosted a Q&A session about our upcoming, brand new, and accredited Live Online Data Science Bootcamp. Hosts Josh Shaman (Metis Sr. Admissions Manager) and John Tate (Metis Sr. Data Scientist & Bootcamp Instructor) kicked things off with a brief presentation detailing the bootcamp application process, pre-work, curriculum, career services, and more. Essentially, everything you get with the in-person bootcamp, you also get with the online experience.

The difference? With the online option, you can be anywhere, potentially saving money on housing, commuting, and more, all the while (at least for the Winter session) avoiding braving the cold weather on a daily basis! 

"An advantage with our live online program is that you would not have to move anywhere," said Josh Shaman during the Q&A. "You can take the course from the comfort of your own home, from your own state, and you don't have to commute in the morning, especially during the cold winter months, depending on where you live. If you're taking the live online bootcamp, you're saving yourself thousands of dollars." 

NOTE: Not only will you enjoy savings related to cost of living, but for this inaugural live online bootcamp, you'll save thousands on tuition, too. This Winter 2020 bootcamp price is $10,000, while the Spring 2020 price will jump up to our regular tuition of $17,000.

During the Q&A, the hosts took questions from the live audience on a range of topics pertaining to the new online format. They addressed the technology that will be used to provide the overall educational experience synchronously, as well as instructional quality. 

"The live online bootcamp will be taught by instructors in the Chicago office, myself included," said John Tate, who has taught the in-person bootcamp multiple times. "So whether you are in California or Illinois, or wherever you are in the United States, you'll be catching us live from Chicago every day." 

And that last part is important to reiterate. This will be a live experience, as opposed to an asynchronous learning experience. To Josh, who got a master's degree online through recorded lectures and limited live interaction with instructors and classmates, this live online bootcamp represents what online education should be. 

"I think we're so used to a different kind of online education where it's just like a couple of videos or it's just something that's thrown together and presented in a content package," he said. "This is an actual immersive, synchronous experience that enables you to really be in the classroom while you're still in your house. That's pretty cool." 

Want to hear more from John and Josh? Watch the full recording of the presentation and Q&A session here.


The winter bootcamp final application deadline is Monday, December 2nd. As always, we recommend applying as soon as possible to help secure your seat and to give you plenty of time to work on pre-work. Still have some questions? Book a chat with our admissions team here.

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