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Our Top 10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2020

By Carlos Russo • December 22, 2020

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Year after year, we enjoy sharing posts that feature our alumni stories, data science and analytics thought leadership from our Data Scientists, guest posts, and so much more. Here we’ve gathered the top 10 most-read posts of 2020 for you to enjoy. Here’s hoping for more great insights learned & shared in 2021! 

  1. Misleading Graphs: Manipulating the Y-Axis
    One of the most commonly used charts for data visualization is the bar chart. But too often, the starting value of the y-axis is intentionally modified to skew our interpretation of the chart and the data. In this post, see examples and learn how to readily identify this issue.
  2. Three Important Founder’s Notes
    Metis underwent much change during 2020. In hopes of keeping our community informed, our founder, Jason Moss, released a series of posts aimed at doing just that. Learn about his 6 Lessons Learned in 6 Years at Metis, The Evolution of Metis, and our Continuing Evolution into 2021.
  3. From Analyst to Data Scientist, Grad Finds Her Way Via the Bootcamp
    This is Vickie Chan's second time working at Fitch Ratings, one of the United States' largest credit rating agencies. The first time exposed her to data science; now, she is a Data Scientist. Read how the bootcamp helped her make the transition.
  4. Infographic: Metis Bootcamp Alumni By The Numbers
    In this infographic, we break down a data set that’s near and dear to our hearts: one that represents our Data Science Bootcamp alumni. Find out where our grads are working and within what industries, where many of them call home across the United States and the world, what they studied pre-bootcamp, and much more.
  5. Deep Dive: Math for Data Science Webinar on Course Report
    In partnership with Course Report, Metis Sr. Data Scientist Kimberly Fessel hosted a Math for Data Science webinar. During the 40-minute conversation, Kimberly highlights why you need math skills to be a Data Scientist and goes in-depth into which types of math you need to know to launch your career and find lasting success.
  6. With a Desire to Solve Problems, This Grad Turned to Data Science
    Once the concept of AI grabbed the attention of bootcamp graduate Alex Smith, she began a self-study regimen. “The more I learned about data science in particular, the more I became convinced not only of its power to solve difficult problems but convinced that I wanted to use this incredible toolset to solve problems that I care about,” she said. Read how she went from the humanities to a career in data science.
  7. Simulating Business Outcomes With Monte Carlo Simulations
    Too often in the business world, we think deterministically. We plan our finances, inventories, etc., for the base case – and it usually works out alright. (After all, the base case is the scenario that is most likely to unfold.) A better way to forecast and think about the future is probabilistically - and an intuitive way to do this is via Monte Carlo simulations. Read this post to learn why.
  8. The Trifecta: From Bootcamp Prep Course to Bootcamp to New Career
    For Kari Davis, there’s before the bootcamp, and there’s after. A clear demarcation between two paces of professional life – one slower and more bureaucratic, the other fast-paced and constantly changing. Learn how a Metis Bootcamp Prep Course helped her prepare for the bootcamp and then land a new data science job.
  9. Analysts in Chicago See Data Science Bootcamp Model as a Way Forward
    Read how (and why) three former Data Analysts in Chicago enrolled in the Data Science Bootcamp to shift their careers toward data science – and find out what they're up to now.
  10. 5 Common Questions from Bootcamp Applicants
    While there are several ways to enter the data science field, we believe an immersive bootcamp is the most efficient and effective path with the best overall return on investment. But understandably, many people have questions about how a bootcamp will help them navigate the process of landing a job in the field. In this post, we share answers to 5 common questions that we receive from potential applicants.


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