Director's Note: A New Chapter, New Partnerships

By Roberto Reif • July 26, 2022

Dear Data Science and Analytics Enthusiasts:

Exciting things are happening at Metis as we continue to find the best ways to educate people to find value in data.

When I took over the role of Executive Director for Metis, I picked up the baton of expanding the way we offered our bootcamps to find ways to give students a broader range of options and meet people where they are. One of the best ways for us to expand and grow is to partner with premier universities. And that is what we are doing. I am excited to announce that moving forward Metis will deliver the bootcamp curriculum on behalf of universities to leverage the best of both worlds. Our strong foundation in the data science and analytics industry coupled with the high quality and expanded network of a university will provide students with a stronger advantage as they transition their careers.

The best part is that the things that you love about Metis won’t change. Our project-based curriculum, designed and taught by industry-experienced instructors, is still our number one priority. We will continue to evolve the curriculum as the industry changes and ensure students attending the university bootcamps and short immersive courses will develop a portfolio of real-world applicable projects to showcase their skills to potential employers.

Bootcamps will still be offered through a flexible, online format allowing students to work on their own time. In addition, we’ll continue to make our network of support available to the university students and they will be able to connect with instructors and TAs and through community and university networking channels, and more.

Career support will also be available through the university bootcamps. Each student will be able to work one-on-one with a career advisor to prepare for your job search. This includes resume writing workshops, mock interviews, and more.  The Speaker Series will now include hand-selected university ambassadors to share their experiences and advice. We take great pride in not only the technical and analytical skills but also in the career development skills that will be offered in a Powered by Metis university bootcamp.

I am proud of the platform that we have built here at Metis and even more excited about the transition to offer you the best of Metis through select premier university partners.

Roberto Reif

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