Founder’s Note: A New Chapter, A New Leader.

By Jason Moss • November 05, 2021

Dear Data Science and Analytics Enthusiasts,

After almost eight years founding and leading Metis, it is with mixed emotions that I share the news that today, November 5, is my last day here. I am turning a page in my career journey to start a new chapter as President of an education startup.

I couldn’t be prouder of what the Metis family has been able to accomplish since inception. Today, we operate the most highly reviewed intensive data science bootcamp, according to Course Report and SwitchUp. We have prepared thousands of students – from college freshmen to grandparents, from a former TV star to a former Jeopardy! Champion, from family royalty to the formerly homeless, from PhDs to those with no degree – for careers in data science and analytics. We have run more than 70 bootcamps, in-person and online, and the Metis curriculum has been used to teach students globally, in countries such as Ireland, Turkey, Australia, Singapore, India and Saudi Arabia.

And yet, the Metis accomplishments pale in comparison to those of our graduates. As someone who is not a data scientist, I have repeatedly said I don’t know if I would get accepted into Metis, and I’m sure the water in our metaphoric swimming pool would be over my head. Our graduates, many of whom quit jobs or temporarily said farewell to family and friends to join Metis, truly embody the Metis mantra as they strive, sweat, swear, go the extra mile, stage, fail, try again and ultimately get it right. I could spend hours on LinkedIn, marveling over the next steps our graduates have taken in their data science journey. As the Metis team knows well, a favorite tradition in our bi-weekly retrospective is to share the accomplishments of recent graduates, of which there is no shortage of incredible stories.

It is hard to step away. I am fundamentally a different learner and leader than I was when we began. Getting to build and lead Metis, and to work with such a talented, dedicated, and passionate team, has been life-changing, and I am truly grateful.

I am also immensely fortunate to be able to turn over the leadership of Metis to Roberto Reif, our Executive Director of Data Science and Strategy. We hired Roberto in May 2017 to co-teach our data science bootcamp in Seattle. Since that time, he has increasingly spearheaded key parts of our growth, from the creation of our bootcamp prep courses to the launch of our multiple data science bootcamp tracks to our most recent series of Online Flex offerings. He is a gifted thinker, an exceptional communicator, and a thoughtful decision-maker, not to mention one helluva data scientist.  I know Roberto will be wonderful in his expanded role, and am confident that the Metis legacy is in excellent hands.

I imagine the next chapters of growth for Metis may look very different from the Metis I know today, which looks nothing like the Metis business plan I presented to Kaplan in 2013.  Our story is one of continuous evolution, even as we have maintained an obsession with the student experience. The missteps have been plentiful, but as Henry Ford said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” And like our students, we excel at learning.

In closing, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to Kaplan for taking a chance and providing a home under which Metis could build and grow.

Thank you to our students for entrusting Metis with your career.  Your successes give inspiration to every one of us.

Finally, thank you to the Metis staff, past and present, who shared in a vision to build a transformative learning experience.  I cannot wait to see what you do next.

Here’s to the road ahead.

All the best,

Jason A. Moss

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