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Catch Up With Our Chief Data Scientist: Recent Publications, Podcasts, and Events

By Metis  • June 04, 2020

Our Chief Data Scientist Debbie Berebichez is a leading thought leader in the data science space, and her recent publications and speaking schedule help to showcase that.

This month, she published an article about how data science can empower your business. In it, she writes: 

"Most people are unaware of a fundamental truth: everyone uses data to analyze the world. You’re doing it right now. You are converting text characters to concepts and then to a decision, which in this case is to keep reading. I think this truth is like the atmosphere: all around us, essential for life and yet invisible, so few people recognize it. A pity, because if more companies understood this truth, it would improve every aspect of their business." Read the full article here.  

A couple weeks ago, Debbie was a guest on Kaplan's new LinkedIn Live series, Bold Leaders in Learning. During, she discussed the usefulness of data science across all industries and addressed her large body of work including how she strives to make data science more approachable and understandable to a wide range of audiences. 

Related in theme, she was also recently a guest on an episode of The Artists of Data Science podcast, where she talked with host Harpreet Sahota about her belief that everyone has unique gifts and perspectives that should be embraced and celebrated within data science. 

And last but not least, Debbie recently spoke at Data Science Salon Elevate, a female-focused virtual conference that brings specialists together to educate, illuminate, and innovate. During her talk, she discussed data science in business, this time breaking down in non-technical language why it's important to create business environments where everyone contributes to and learns from the company’s data.

Follow Debbie on Twitter to keep track of her thought leadership efforts! 

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