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Metis Career Day: Meet Your Next Data Scientist

By Emily Wilson • August 31, 2016

This post was written by Megan Ayraud, Metis Head of Careers. 


Hello! I’m Megan, Head of Careers at Metis. Career Support is a huge part of the overall Data Science Bootcamp experience. The Career Teams' goal is to give each student individual support and ongoing professional development training during the bootcamp (and after), so they can hit the ground running in their job search upon graduation.

There are many important aspects of Career Support, including students' one-on-one meetings with their Career Advisors, workshops on topics like salary negotiation and resume building, mock interview practice, and finally (the big one)...Career Day.

What is Career Day?
It’s an event for employers only and is a fantastic opportunity for students to meet companies actively hiring for data science talent. Typically, 20-25 companies attend, with past attendees including HBO, Capital One Labs, Spotify, Yelp, and many others.

How does it work?
Essentially, Career Day is a recruiting event, so our goal is to provide company representatives with as much information about each of our students as possible. As companies arrive, each representative receives a Resume Book, which includes professional headshots, short bios, and resumes that our students built at Metis. This serves as the evening’s guide, and allows guests to start reviewing our students as potential candidates for their open positions.

Then we’re on to the main event – students present their final passion projects to the audience, showing off their technical capabilities, communication skills, and personalities. Afterwards, we break into the “networking hour,” during which students have the chance to talk one-on-one with companies they’re interested in (and vice versa!). We encourage the students to talk to as many companies as possible, as this is the official start of their data science job search. Note: food and drinks are served throughout the evening! 

What happens after Career Day?
I share a digital copy of the Resume Book with each company that attended, and encourage them to join our new hiring platform, Employ, which connects employers to graduates. I make myself available to handle any additional, desired communication between companies and students, but also encourage companies interested in particular students to proceed along the lines of their traditional interview processes.

When is the next Career Day?
If you’re an employer and you're looking to hire data science talent, register for one of our upcoming Career Day events in either New York City or San Francisco:

Register: Thursday, September 15th (New York City)
Register: Thursday, September 22nd (San Francisco)

I hope to see you soon! Have questions? Email me at [email protected]

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