Introducing New, Flexible Ways to Learn with Metis! Read Founder's Note Offers Comprehensive Guide to Metis Online Bootcamp & Prep Courses

By Metis  • April 13, 2020

With the goal of helping readers "get a handle on what to expect in a Metis online bootcamp" and to provide "facts that let you make an informed decision about your future," Bootcamp Rankings recently published a comprehensive guide to our course offerings, detailing both the immersive Data Science Bootcamp and part-time Bootcamp Prep Courses

"In our high-tech and digitized marketplace, the people with training in data science and other information technology fields get to work on fascinating problems and bring home amazing salaries," they write. "To qualify for jobs in cutting edge fields, it’s crucial to pick up cutting-edge and forward-thinking training." 

How do they think our courses stack up when it comes to cutting-edge and forward-thinking training? "Overall, Metis is a great selection for people with a passion to find value in data and who want to begin rewarding new careers in the growing field of data science," according to Bootcamp Rankings. 

Read the full guide here and visit the site's Metis bootcamprankings' page for more! 


Check out our Career Karma page, too, where you can learn more about our overall program offerings.

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