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Available Now: Free On-Demand Webinar on How to Ensure AI ROI

By Metis  • December 12, 2019

Last week, we hosted a live webinar on AI ROI: The Questions You Need to Be Asking with Kerstin Frailey, Metis Sr. Data Scientist and Head of Corporate Training Executive Programs. During this 45 minute talk, Kerstin examined each phase of an AI project: Planning, Development, and Governance, including the details you need to consider at each phase to make sure your AI project produces a measurable impact.

A company may be excited about AI and other data science projects now, but if leadership doesn’t start to see measurable returns, they may reduce investment. Simple steps taken now can prevent that from happening. Take a moment to watch this important conversation to learn how.

To get each and every detail of Kerstin's informative webinar, register now and we'll send you the link!

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