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Available Now: Free On-Demand Webinar on Adopting Python in the Workplace

By Metis  • March 31, 2020

We recently hosted a webinar on Exploring the Adoption of Python in the Workplace, during which Michael Galvin (Metis Executive Director of Data Science Corporate Training) and Kevin Birnbaum (Metis Sr. Data Scientist) broke down Python for data science and analytics, explaining what drives adoption and how companies are reacting to the shift. 

After tuning into the hour-long discussion and demonstration, attendees will have the tools to:

  • - Explain what Python is and its importance to the data science and analytics field
  • - Build a business case for adopting Python
  • - Identify the best way to begin introducing Python into their environment

It's now available on-demand; all you have to do is register here and you'll receive a link via email. We hope you enjoy it! 

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