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Data Science Book Recommendations: A Crowdsourced List

By: Emily Wilson

April 16, 2018

Metis Sr. Data Scientist and Corporate Trainer David Ziganto posted a simple question on LinkedIn along with a picture of his personal collection of data science books. "Help me out: which great books am I missing?" Nearly 100 comments later, David now has an incredible list of additional books to explore. He aggregated all into a categorized list on his blog, which you can check out here.

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Video Series: Demystifying Data Science – The Practice of Data Science

By: Emily Wilson // April 12, 2018

Hear talks from 5 working data scientists on specific aspects of the data science practice (like statistics and the art of deception, the possibilities/limitations of topic modeling) and on the broader ideas that make up the field – what goes into the job, what skills do you actually use on a regular basis, how are things changing?

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Q&A with Beginner Python & Math for Data Science Instructor Gordon Dri

By: Jerod Rubalcava // April 11, 2018

Read a Q&A with Gordon Dri, Data Scientist at Oracle and the co-designer/co-instructor of our upcoming Live Online Beginner Python & Math for Data Science part-time course, which starts April 23rd. Hear why he thinks this course represents the "the only way" to start your data science journey.

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Metis Co-Founder & President Jason Moss on Three Leagues of Data Literacy

By: Emily Wilson // April 08, 2018

Read Metis co-founder and president Jason Moss's article for IT ProPortal: The Three Leagues of Data Literacy – and How to Play to Win. In it, he explains why data literacy in business is increasingly crucial.

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Sr. Data Scientist Jonathan Balaban's Piece on Turi Create in Towards Data Science

By: Emily Wilson // April 08, 2018

Read Sr. Data Scientist Jonathan Balaban's piece in Towards Data Science: 3 Questions Business Leaders Should Be Asking About Apple's New Machine Learning Kit.

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Sr. Data Scientist Roundup: Turi Create Analysis, New Course Development, and More

By: Emily Wilson // April 05, 2018

When our Sr. Data Scientists aren't teaching the intensive, 12-week bootcamps, they're working on a variety of other projects. This monthly blog series tracks and discusses some of their recent activities and accomplishments.

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Q&A with Paul Black, Metis Grad & Jr. Data Scientist at DRIVIN

By: Emily Wilson // April 02, 2018

We recently hosted a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on our Community Slack channel, with guests asking questions of Paul Black, Metis graduate and Jr. Data Scientist at DRIVIN powered by KAR. Below, we've included some highlights from the AMA session. It makes for a great read, especially for anyone interested in starting their own data science journey.

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Course Report Interviews Metis Career Advisor: How to Ace The Data Science Job Interview

By: Emily Wilson // March 20, 2018

Course Report recently interviewed Metis Sr. Career Advisor Andrew Savage, seeking his input on how to ace the notoriously strenuous data science interview. They wanted to know: What actually happens in a data science job interview? How can you prepare and what should you expect?

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International Women's Day – What It Means to Us and Why We Celebrate

By: Emily Wilson // March 08, 2018

Today, March 8th is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe, but also to highlight inequality and press on toward gender parity and equal rights for every woman, everywhere. This year's theme and call-to-action is #PressforProgress. We asked staff and alumni what that means to them.

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How Biased AI Holds Data Science Back (+ Ways to Fix It) by Sr. Data Scientist Sophie Searcy

By: Emily Wilson // March 06, 2018

This week, Metis Sr. Data Scientist Sophie Searcy's article, How Biased AI is Holding Us Back, and Two Things We Can Do About It, was published in InformationWeek. In it, she expounds upon ideas of increasing access for diverse groups of young people, as well as ensuring the diversification of senior leadership. Read the full article for much more insight and information on the ever-important topic.