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Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

in-person instruction + job placement support + post-graduation professional development

  • Get Skilled

    Learn Ruby on Rails in 12 weeks with 100% in-person instruction with experts from thoughtbot.

  • Get Connected

    Build Passion Projects and contribute to an open source, hands-on community of peers.

  • Get Hired

    Leave fully qualified for an entry-level development job. Career Support is available to all graduates.

  • Get Supported

    After the bootcamp, get 12 weeks of free access to online professional development with Upcase.

  • Eric Collins

    Instructor, Ruby on Rails
  • Chris Toomey

    Instructor, Ruby on Rails
  • Gabe Berke-Williams

    Instructor, Ruby on Rails


The Details

This bootcamp runs in-person for 12 weeks, Monday through Friday, from 9 am - 6 pm. It is preceded by online pre-work and followed by 12 more weeks of online post-graduation training and support.

The Outcome

Upon graduating, you will be comfortable working with Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, limited JavaScript functionality, Git, and the terminal. You should feel confident pursuing a job as an entry-level web developer. Read our syllabus

Bootcamp Structure & Syllabus

The bootcamp experience is intense, but it is not meant to burn out students. Metis believes that a student’s brain is like a muscle and the brain must take time to recover. Therefore, we operate five days a week from 9-6.

The Basics

The Metis Syllabus is broken down into five parts. Metis starts off students with pre-work. The pre-work is critical to ensure that the students come in with a basic level of understanding of concepts.

In the first seven weeks the students and teachers grow together in a collaborative, shared, development environment with the goal of building apps as a group. In weeks 8 and 9, students play the roles of web development consultants and work in teams to build Client Projects.

In the last three weeks, students pursue building their individual Passion Projects, culminating in a reveal of their work and progress during a Career Day with the Metis Hiring Partners.

Student learning does not stop after Graduation day. Students have access to 12 weeks of thoughtbot’s Upcase for additional online training and professional development.

Pre-Work: Intro to Static Web Pages, the Terminal, and Ruby

After acceptance, Metis will introduce HTML, CSS, the terminal, and Ruby. We will strengthen these skills and learn more advanced techniques as the class progresses.

Pre-work will be completed before the class begins and takes 2-4 weeks to complete. During this time you will have access to the instructors and other students via a chat room.

Week 1: Intro to Ruby

We will introduce Ruby. By the end of the week, you will have built some small games and programs.

Week 2: Web Servers and Databases

We will lay down the foundations for how web servers work and you will build your first web application. Topics will include HTTP protocols, Sinatra, templating languages (specifically ERB), databases and SQL, and ActiveRecord.

Week 3: Intro to Rails and MVC

We will introduce Rails and the MVC pattern and then dive into the architecture of Rails. You will be able to write and deploy small Rails applications on your own by the end of the week.

Week 4: Using Rails

We will add more features to our applications. Students will begin to determine scope and understand how features affect an application as a whole. We will update the application from an MVP into something with more substance and functionality.

Week 5: Rails - The Deep End

We will focus on intermediate Rails topics, including polymorphic relationships and adding interactivity through AJAX.

Week 6: JavaScript and AJAX

We will focus on front-end development, including the DOM, Chrome Web Inspector, jQuery, AJAX, and adding payments with Stripe's JavaScript API.

Week 7: Refactoring and Performance

We will discuss performance, refactoring, design patterns, and anti-patterns, putting our knowledge to use in our application.

Weeks 8-9: Client Projects

Metis instructors pair students into groups of two or three to work on building an application to solve a client problem. The process will resemble how thoughtbot works on real projects and will encourage collaboration and teamwork between the student team and “client” instructors. Client Projects culminate in a Student Presentation Day.

Weeks 10-12: Passion Project

Leading up to this point, you will have planned out a project you are passionate about, using sketches, wireframes, user stories and more. Now you will actually implement the project. During this time, the instructors will work with you to ensure you have a great portfolio piece that you can share with potential employers.

Post Graduation Support

Upcase is a highly sought after education platform for Ruby on Rails developers. As a member of Learn Prime, students will get access to thoughbot mentors once a month, enrollment in premium, hands-on workshops, and access to regular, exclusive content.

If you are interested in a Software Development Bootcamp in 2015, please contact our partner Dev Bootcamp.

ACCET Metis, a d/b/a of Kaplan Test Prep, is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), a U.S. Department of Education nationally recognized agency.