Professional Development


Learn and hone specific data science skills in part-time courses taught by industry leaders. Ideal for the working professional, these courses – typically 36 hours spread across 12 weeknights – are designed to provide laser focus on relevant topics and skills that will enhance your career.

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Part-Time Alumni can apply the amount of tuition paid for one part-time professional development course towards enrollment in an upcoming bootcamp upon admittance.

Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Learn the core concepts of deep learning using TensorFlow, Google’s open-source computation graph library.

San Francisco

Data Visualization with d3.js

Learn data visualization and D3, the powerful JavaScript library frequently used to create data visualizations on the web.

New York City
San Francisco

Introduction to Data Science

Learn how data science is done in the wild, with a focus on data acquisition, cleaning, model creation, and validation.

Washington, D.C.

Machine Learning: Algorithms and Applications

Learn the core principles of machine learning using a hands-on, project-based curriculum.

New York City

Statistical Foundations for Data Science and Machine Learning

Learn basic statistical principles that are often used by data scientists and applied statisticians.

San Francisco

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