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Data Visualization with D3.jsLive Online

This course is about data visualization and D3, the powerful JavaScript library frequently used to create data visualizations on the web. The skills you’ll learn in this course will give you the power and control to tell stories and communicate information interactively in ways that simply are not possible outside of a web browser. D3 can be challenging to use, and much of the difficulty comes with learning syntax and understanding data joins (the most fundamental aspect of D3), in addition to the minutiae of charts. But that extra effort becomes worth it when you realize that with D3, you're in charge of every pixel.

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Kevin video Course designed by Kevin Quealy, Graphics Editor, The New York Times.

Your Instructor

Paul buffa

Paul Buffa is a Principal Data Visualization Engineer at Capital One Labs, with years of experience teaching and building data visualizations in areas such as education, FinTech, marketing, politics and fitness. He has taught the Metis Data Visualization for D3 course several times and has consistently earned rave reviews.

Your Teaching Assistant

Tom swisher

Tom Swisher is a data visualization developer based in NYC. By day he builds business intelligence tools with D3 & AngularJS for Annalect. He has degrees in Physics and Applied Mathematics, and was the teaching assistant for two classes during his graduate studies in Materials Science at Cornell University.

Why Live Online?

Taught by world-class, data science practitioners.

Instructor and IPython notebook visible so you can follow along.

Private attention and real-time support from top-notch co-instructors.

Recordings available — catch up if you need to miss a class.

Live Online is social! Interact with instructors and classmates via chat.

Accessible wherever you have Internet access.

Register for an on-demand sample class!

Our 1-hour on-demand sample class is a great way to preview what the new Live Online experience is like for the Metis Data Visualization with D3.js professional development course.

Paul Buffa, long-time instructor of the Data Visualization with D3.js course, will cover a few sample topics in the on-demand class:

  1. A review of what D3.js and how it works
  2. Basics of SVG, such as the SVG element, line, path, circle, and rectangle object
  3. How to load data into your visualizatio
  4. How to create and use linear scale
  5. Building axes
  6. Basics of CSS stylin
  7. Basics of data join


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