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Machine Learning

Sergey Fogelson

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Feb 27 to Mar 29
Tue/Thu 6:30 - 9:30pm Eastern Time

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Introduction to Data Science

Charles Givre

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Mar 19 to Apr 26
Mon/Thu 6:30 - 9:30pm Central Time

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Live Online Instructors

Trent hauck

Trent Hauck is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Zymergen, where he builds data products that help biologists and other scientists improve their decision outcomes. Prior to his that role he spent 18 months consulting in the insurance and e-commerce industries, and prior to that worked at Zulily on the relevancy team building recommendation tools for the e-commerce site and conducting operational analysis. He is also the author of two books through Packt Publishing: Instant Data Intensive Apps with pandas How-to, and Scikit-Learn Cookbook.

Paul trowbridge

Paul Trowbridge received advanced training in statistics, demography and sociology from the University of Washington and Rutgers University. He has worked in applied fields such as fMRI, epidemiology and public health, international relations, urban planning and micro-simulation modeling. He has taught statistics, data science and data visualization through New York University's School of Professional Studies.

Sergey fogelson

Sergey Fogelson is the Vice President of Analytics and Measurement Sciences at Viacom. He began his career as an academic at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he researched the neural bases of visual category learning and obtained his Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience. After leaving academia, Sergey got into the rapidly growing startup scene in the NYC metro area, where he has worked as a data scientist in alternative energy analytics, digital advertising, cybersecurity, finance, and media. He is heavily involved in the NYC-area teaching community and has taught courses at various bootcamps, and has been a volunteer teacher in computer science through TEALSK12. When Sergey is not working or teaching, he is probably hiking. (He thru-hiked the Appalachian trail before graduate school).

Greg ryslik

Greg Ryslik graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers College and Rutgers Business School with a triple major in Mathematics, Computer Science and Finance. He then went on to complete a Masters degree in Statistics from Columbia University as well as a PhD in Biostatistics from Yale University.
He has extensive experience as a teacher, a tutor and has given talks in the United States and internationally. In the fall of 2011, Gregory was one of a select few to be chosen to participate in UCLA’s prestigious Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics. In academia, he has helped students learn categorical data analysis, design & analysis of epidemiological models, longitudinal data analysis and introduction to statistics and calculus. He is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Statistics Department at the Pennsylvania State University. During his career, he has co-founded several companies, published an actuarial textbook and has worked both on Wall Street and in Biotech. He has written several publicly available bioinformatics software packages and is an author of numerous scientific publications in journals such as Nature and BMC Bioinformatics. More recently, he led the Data Science team for Service at Tesla Motors and is currently the VP of Data Science at Mindstrong.

Paul buffa

Paul Buffa is a Data Visualization Engineer at Capital One Labs, with years of experience teaching and building data visualizations in areas such as education, FinTech, marketing, politics and fitness. He has taught D3 at the Metis Data Science Bootcamp, and worked as a TA for the Data Visualization course.
In addition to his work, Paul is a passionate runner who trains for marathons and ultramarathons, escaping time-to-time to train in the Colorado Rockies. You can view some of his visualizations on his public bl.ocks site , featuring datasets on running , heart rates, marketing, and other various fun topics.