Senior Data Scientist


We are looking for Senior Data Scientists to be part of the Metis Data Science Instructional Team. We seek individuals who love and excel at analyzing and visualizing data to solve important problems, are passionate about teaching others to be premier data scientists, and are fun to be around and work with. An ideal candidate should be quick to learn and adapt, care about design of simple, powerful, beautiful interfaces and visuals, love writing code, thrive in creative team efforts, and also have interests and passions beyond data science.


Metis Senior Data Scientists provide incredible and inspiring Data Science instruction; support the design and teaching of new products and courses and infuse their expertise into our business operations; and continually sharpen their skills through consulting and passion project explorations. Metis calls this approach our 2-1-1 Instructor Model.

Teaching the Data Science Bootcamp (2 quarters of the year)

Metis Senior Data Scientists spend half the year co-teaching two 12-week bootcamps (20-24 students). On any given day, the amount of lecture time is 1-2 hours, and the remainder of the day is spent directly engaging with and coaching individually the students.

Developing and Teaching New Courses and Supporting Business Operations (1 quarter of the year)

Metis Senior Data Scientists spend about one-quarter of the year helping to create and teach new course offerings, as well as infusing our functional areas – admissions, marketing, careers, instructor recruitment – with their domain expertise.

Sharpening Skills and Pursuing Data Science Passion Projects (1 quarter of the year)

Metis Senior Data Scientists spend about one-quarter of the year focused entirely on enhancing their skill set and building their data science knowledge in whatever way they choose. These three months are intended to be self-driven. Some ideas include:

Ideal Applicant

Perks of the Role

If you're interested in becoming a Metis Data Science instructor, please email [email protected].