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What does Metis do?

Metis accelerates your career in data science. Our immersive courses, designed by world-class industry practitioners, provide you with intensive, on-site instruction, access to an extensive network of speakers and mentors, and ongoing career coaching and employment support.
Our goal is to prepare you to succeed as a data scientist.

– Welcome to Metis.

Our Commitment

To help you succeed, we commit to:

  • Train you to think and act like a data scientist, which starts with asking the right questions and constantly adapting as new information is learned.

  • Teach you the most essential skills and technologies to establish a baseline knowledge from which you can springboard into your next job.

  • Immerse you in real-world, complex problems that you will unravel to create a robust portfolio of projects.

  • Create opportunities to connect with prospective employers and present to them your skills and passion.

  • Provide you with excellent student support so that your attention remains exclusively focused on becoming a data scientist.

  • Inject continual fun, passion, and excitement into your experience at Metis.

Our Philosophy

We strive, we sweat, we swear.

We go the extra mile.

We stage, we fail.

We try again. Get it right.

We learn. Connect. Come together.

Welcome to Metis.

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