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What does Metis do?

We provide intensive courses teaching you job-ready skills for the new economy. Our first course is a web development bootcamp with 12 weeks of on-site instruction, ongoing job placement support, and 12 weeks of online post-graduation professional development. Apply to Metis if you are ready to get your hands dirty by learning new technologies, solving real-life problems, and making products.

– Welcome to Metis.

Ruby on Rails Bootcamp

in-person instruction + job placement + post-graduation support

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  • Get Skilled

    Learn Ruby on Rails in 12 weeks with 100% in-person instruction with experts from thoughtbot.

  • Get Hired

    Leave fully qualified for an entry-level development job. Placement programs are available to all graduates.

  • Get Supported

    After the bootcamp, get 12 more weeks of online training and professional development with Learn Prime.

  • Get Involved

    Contribute to open-source, hands-on projects with a community of peers. Rewards are earned—not given.

The Details

This bootcamp runs in-person for 12 weeks, Monday through Friday. It is preceded by online pre-work and followed by 12 more weeks of online post-graduation training and support.

The Outcome

Upon graduating, you will be comfortable working with Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, limited Javascript functionality, Git, and the terminal. You should feel confident pursuing a job as an entry-level web developer. Read our syllabus.

Total Cost: $12,500 for 12 weeks.

We also provide a $2,000 refund when you accept a position through our placement program. You can also fund your tuition through our partner Upstart.

Our Philosophy

We strive, we sweat, we swear.

We go the extra mile.

We stage, we fail.

We try again. Get it right.

We learn. Connect. Come together.

Welcome to Metis.

Our Team

Our Advisors

Our Practice

Our name Metis is inspired by the Greek goddess associated with wisdom and good counsel. We believe that the combination of collaboration and practice leads to better learning. Metis offers comprehensive courses in digital practices, designed to teach the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Classes focus on real-world problems; work is hands-on, team-driven, and led by digital experts and industry leaders. Over the course of an intensive Metis class, students gain a fundamental understanding of the digital space that will enable them to begin, change, or improve their careers.


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