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What does Metis do?

Metis provides intensive courses teaching you job-ready skills for the new economy. Our courses include Ruby on Rails web development, UX & Front-End Development, and Data Science. Created by world-class practitioners in their field, each course consists of 12 weeks of intensive on-site instruction, ongoing career coaching and job placement support. Our goal is to best prepare you to get a job in a high-demand role.

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Ruby on Rails

Boston & New York City

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September 15 and September 22

What You'll Learn

Upon graduating, you will be comfortable working with Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, limited JavaScript functionality, Git, and the terminal.

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Data Science

New York City

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January 12

What You'll Learn

Upon graduating, you will be comfortable with the iterative design process, data communication and visualization, and you will have had introductory exposure to modern big data tools and architecture.

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UX & Front-End Development

New York City

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September 22

What You'll Learn

Upon graduating, you will be comfortable working in the user-experience field as well as front-end web development. You will be prototyping and producing digital product design solutions using a web stack of HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript.

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Our Practice

Our name Metis is inspired by the Greek goddess associated with wisdom and good counsel. We believe that the combination of collaboration and practice leads to better learning. Metis offers comprehensive courses in digital practices, designed to teach the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Classes focus on real-world problems; work is hands-on, team-driven, and led by digital experts and industry leaders. Over the course of an intensive Metis class, students gain a fundamental understanding of the digital space that will enable them to begin, change, or improve their careers.

Our Approach

“The Brain is like a muscle”

More is not always better! Whether it relates to the amount of content taught or the amount of time spent poring over a problem. After years of teaching workshops and engaging with students on all levels, we have approached the design of our curriculum to enable time for the brain to replenish while absorbing the foundational elements required for future success.

Our Philosophy

We strive, we sweat, we swear.

We go the extra mile.

We stage, we fail.

We try again. Get it right.

We learn. Connect. Come together.

Welcome to Metis.

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