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What does Metis do?

Metis accelerates the careers of data scientists by providing full-time immersive bootcamps, evening professional development courses, and corporate programs. All Metis data science training is project-based, taught by world-class industry practitioners, and fully accredited as part of Kaplan’s New Economy Skills Training (NEST). Our goal is to prepare you to succeed in data science.

– Welcome to Metis.

Our Commitment

  • Train you to think and act like a data scientist.

  • Teach you the most essential skills and technologies.

  • Immerse you in real-world, complex problems.

  • Create opportunities to connect with prospective employers.

  • Provide you with excellent student support.

  • Inject continual fun, passion, and excitement into your experience at Metis.

Our Philosophy

We strive, we sweat, we swear.

We go the extra mile.

We stage, we fail.

We try again. Get it right.

We learn. Connect. Come together.

Welcome to Metis.

Our Team


    Co-Founder and GM

  • Deborah Berebichez

    Chief Data Scientist

  • Jonathan Hanke

    Sr. Data Scientist

  • Julia Lintern

    Sr. Data Scientist

  • Laurie Skelly

    Sr. Data Scientist

  • Andrew Blevins

    Sr. Data Scientist

  • Kevin Quealy

    Data Viz Instructor

  • Dorothy Kucar

    Hadoop & Spark Instructor

  • Reshama Shaikh

    Data Scientist - TA

  • Tarlin Ray

    Bus. Dev. and Corporate Strategy

  • Amy Ramnath

    Admissions Manager

  • Megan Ayraud

    Head of Careers

  • Jennifer Raimone

    Career Advisor

  • Laura Montemayor

    Lead Engineer

  • Leah Nicolai

    Program Manager

  • Scott Chappell

    Director of Marketing

  • Emily Wilson

    Senior Editor

Our Advisors

  • Dean Malmgren

    Co-founder and Data Scientist at Datascope

  • Bo Peng

    Data Scientist at Datascope

  • Irmak Sirer

    Partner and Data Scientist at Datascope

  • Debbie Madden

    Founder & CEO of Stride

  • John Harnisher

    Vice President of Learning Science, Data & Analytics at Kaplan Test Prep